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College football halftime report: a better top eight

(10/23/06 9:00am)

Proponents of the Bowl Championship Series insist that it's a fairer way to determine the national champion of college football than the old writers' polls, and they are right. These computer-calculated weekly rankings, have not, however, stifled the propensities of football enthusiasts for endless argument. In honor of the recent mid-season release of the first set of BCS rankings, one student's opinions on the country's top eight teams are offered below.

Field hockey blanked at Columbia for fifth straight loss

(10/23/06 9:00am)

The woes continued for the Dartmouth field hockey team on Friday, as the Big Green gave up four goals off penalty corners in a 5-0 loss to Columbia in New York City. The loss, its fifth straight, drops Dartmouth (3-10, 1-4 Ivy) to the bottom spot in the Ivy League conference standings, while Columbia (6-8, 1-4 Ivy) moves up to the seventh position by virtue of a better overall record.

One on One with John Mitchell

(10/23/06 9:00am)

A week or two ago, I glanced at the front page of the paper and noticed a picture of a girl with a unicycle. It was, apparently, a slow news day. I recognized the name in the caption, although I couldn't figure out from where. A few days ago, I figured it out. The subject of the photo was Susan Dunklee '08, a cross country runner. A masochistic unicycle rider. I had to know more, and decided that you should too.

Football cruises past Columbia to notch first win

(10/23/06 9:00am)

The Dartmouth Big Green (1-5, 1-2 Ivy League) footballers held up five fingers as they charged off the field Saturday afternoon. The opened palm stood for the hope that the men in green will finish the season on a 5-0 tear and win a share of the Ivy League championship following their first victory today, a 20-7 shellacking of the Columbia University Lions (3-3, 0-3 Ivy League). While the sentiment is genuine, the road to that title is paved with difficulties.

Faith in the Republican Base

(10/23/06 9:00am)

The Republican Party owes most of its national election successes of the past ten years to its unified base of evangelical Christians and economic conservatives, but a new book could create cracks in the otherwise concrete alliance. "Tempting Faith" is an insider story by David Kuo, an Evangelical Christian who served in President George W. Bush's Faith-Based Initiative Office, reveals how the White House courted religious conservative leaders and adopted their agendas in public while they mocked and disregarded them in private.

Democratic Participation

(10/23/06 9:00am)

As we enter the election season here at a top college in the most important primary state, the sacred, democratic opportunity to vote is almost here. Voting is one of the key electoral issues that arises during each election cycle, as we endlessly debate who can do it, where it can be done and why it should be done. Inevitably, low turnout is met with despair and the resolve to get more volunteers with clipboards and registration forms out on the street next year. But what is lost in this discourse is the electoral reality of political apathy -- the root cause of low voter turnout -- and its cause.

Daily Debriefing

(10/23/06 9:00am)

Approximately 35 students attended the Dartmouth Progressives' second annual Activism Workshop on Saturday. The event targeted students who are interested in creating an organization or holding an event. There were four different one-hour workshops: Event Planning, which taught students how to create, fund, advertise and run an event; Grassroots Activism, which explained how to start a new organization; Working With The Big Boys, which discussed how to intern with an established organization; and Activism 101, which discussed the logistics of overseeing an organization.

Dog Day 'Puppies' pose a triple threat to improv scene

(10/23/06 9:00am)

Under the leadership of president Casey Ley '07, the six returning members of Dog Day hosted auditions for 50 talented applicants during orientation. Based on their ability to embody characters and interact with others on stage in a dynamic way, Ben Gifford '10, Tanner Tananbaum '10 and Tyler Quinn '10 earned the status of "puppies," new members of Dog Day. Ley explained, "Improv can be a slow burn and these three were on fire the longest." Initiated as a puppy last year, Annabel Seymour '09 raved that the new litter is "fantastic."