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(11/03/06 11:00am)

Women, have you ever had to pee in Baker? Yeah, you have to run down three flights of stairs, sprint down dark, deserted hallways and you are barely able to open the dungeon-esque doors before you wet yourself. The location of restrooms in older buildings (read, pre-1972) on campus are architectural remainders of the 203 year legacy of male supremacy on this campus.

Rage Call: Will the Women of Dartmouth Please Stand Up

(11/03/06 11:00am)

Before Lindsay Lohan got weird, she made "Mean Girls," an early masterpiece that sets forth one of the most pressing dilemmas facing young women today. As Lohan's character Cady struggles to balance school, boys and popularity, the pressures she faces and the different identities she is expected to assume overwhelm her. While the women of Dartmouth thankfully have little in common with La Lohan, other than an unfortunate propensity for leggings, we face a similar balancing act.

Partisanship Examined

(11/02/06 11:00am)

It's not that I think partisanship is inherently bad. Partisanship is part of competition, which is good in every facet of life. The problem with partisanship arises when it becomes the sole barometer of political thought in deciding on an issue, candidate or vote. There is a problem when blind support for an ideology leads someone away from making a decision that is in the best interests of his country and himself.

Daily Debriefing

(11/02/06 11:00am)

George Washington University reached a settlement on Wednesday with a former student who sued the school for barring him from campus on the basis of his unstable mental condition. In October 2004, Jordan Nott checked himself into GWU hospital due to depression and suicidal thoughts, according to the Washington Post. Hours later, the school notified Nott that he would not be allowed in his residence, leading to his withdrawal from the school. GWU spokeswoman Tracy Schario said that the university has been reviewing its policies and is expected to announce a revised policy soon, reported.