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Colleges embrace spring weekends throughout the Ivy League

(05/13/05 9:00am)

For Dartmouth students, Green Key has always been a chance to cut loose in a relaxed atmosphere at outdoor events such as the Alpha Delta fraternity lawn party and Webster Avenue barbecues. While students in other climes may not be as desperate for warmth and sunshine as those in Hanover, many other schools also partake in the spring traditions.

Alums return, remember Green Key

(05/13/05 9:00am)

When students leave Dartmouth College, they take many memories of Green Key weekends with them -- fraternity barbecues with live bands and dancing as well as afternoons on the Green spent lounging on the newly sprouting grass. They also, not too surprisingly, take away memories of alcohol and partying. But while some alumni remember drinking, other graduates have trouble retrieving memories due to the very source of their good times -- booze.

Pro sports and Dartmouth: not always an incompatible mix

(05/12/05 9:00am)

"The real world" -- a term used by parents of graduating seniors to scare their son or daughter to death. Most '05s succumb to the realization that this may be, for lack of a better phrase, their "last hurrah," and have immersed themselves in the culture (if we can call it that) of being a second-term senior. The luckier ones already have jobs lined up at places like Goldman Sachs or have accepted spots at the nation's top graduate programs -- the rest are currently involved in the job-search equivalent of the "salty dog rag."

Inaccuracies and Insults

(05/12/05 9:00am)

I honestly don't care if N. Alex Tonelli '06 reads my rebuttal to his recent op-ed ("Fortnight in Review," May 9), but I do genuinely hope that everyone else who read his column does. There were so many factual and contextual errors and misconceptions and outright insults in the editorial concerning the female community on this campus, and the rest of the world in general, that something must be said.