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Committee probes 'Good Sam.' policy

(05/17/05 9:00am)

As part of an ongoing effort to revamp alcohol-related policies at Dartmouth, the recently formed "Good Samaritan" committee plans to issue preliminary recommendations for revision at the Student Assembly meeting Tuesday night. The recommendations will be ready for public discussion at that time, Dean of the College James Larimore said in an interview with The Dartmouth.

Laxers roll over Hoyas, advance to Final Four

(05/16/05 9:00am)

For the second consecutive game, senior Katieanne Christian scored five goals to lead the No. 5 ranked Dartmouth women's lacrosse team to a resounding 13-3 victory over the fourth-seeded Georgetown Hoyas (13-5) in the quarterfinals of the NCAA tournament on Sunday afternoon at Scully-Fahey Field. With the win, the Big Green improves to 16-2 on the season and earns a spot in the NCAA semifinals next weekend in Annapolis, Md., where it will face top-seeded Northwestern. Northwestern remains the only undefeated team in NCAA play.

Savor the Victory

(05/16/05 9:00am)

There is, as Peggy Noonan is fond of saying, so much to savor. The College on the Hill has two new trustees, and they are something quite new. Inasmuch as Peter Robinson '79 and Todd Zywicki '88 were deemed "insurgent" candidates, we, the undergraduates of Dartmouth College, are fortunate enough to be the beneficiaries of their rebellious cause. Though the affairs of a stodgy Board may seem distant, in truth they affect us all. There is much that is now possible because of this win. But for the benefits of the peaceful insurgency to accrue to us -- while we still have some time left on the Hanover plain -- we must be open-minded.

Violating Personal Property

(05/16/05 9:00am)

In our most basic state of existence, mankind is chaotic and persists in a state of "survival of the fittest," just as our ancestors in many forms have for billions of years. More recently, if Bob lives adjacent to Mark, and there is no higher structure looking over the both of them, Bob could do whatever he wants to Mark and vice versa. Bob might take over Mark's plantation, or Mark might kidnap Bob's oldest daughter. There is no one to stop either of them from doing so. Bob and Mark can do whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever they want. The only thing stopping them is the other's resistance to go along with whatever is done. This is a state of pure, unbridled freedom.

Paur questions stigmas, discusses Summers flap

(05/16/05 9:00am)

Kathy Paur, a doctoral student in mathematics at Harvard University, challenged Harvard President Lawrence Summers' comments about discrepancies between men and women in the sciences during a luncheon sponsored by the Center for Women and Gender in Tindle Lounge Thursday. Paur also criticized the Harvard math department for a lack of female representation and scolded Summers for making assertions that are contradicted by international test scores.

Green Key Deconstruction

(05/13/05 9:00am)

Ah, Green Key weekend. A time for the College's past and present student to come to together well, it's more like a time to celebrate Hanover's unique outdoorsy appeal okay I'll be honest, I don't know what the hell Green Key is all about despite several years of experiencing and almost remembering it. But I have picked up a few tips on not only how to survive this crazy weekend, but also how to make the most of it.