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Playing Capture the Flag

(11/16/05 11:00am)

While conversing with me about his Democratic party canvassing work this past summer, my friend uttered something that struck me as highly interesting: "When I walked up to a house that had American flags prominently displayed, I assumed that it was a conservative house. More often than not, it was." This statement seems to reflect a broader association with the flag pervading the country; that the American flag, which should stand for both parties and the nation where they exist, has become a conservative Republican image.

Promoting Student Assembly

(11/16/05 11:00am)

The role of Student Assembly at Dartmouth is pretty simple: to help improve life at Dartmouth and to convey student concerns to the administration. To accomplish our task, SA has a few tools: relationships with the administration, money and, most importantly, motivated students. Dartmouth students know how to effect change, and SA members are no different. Think about what they have accomplished recently on big issues relevant to students: funding for club sports (SA secured a $30,000 increase this year), ROTC (SA asked the trustees to consider the issue, and they voted to support the program last weekend), divestment from the Sudan (SA worked with other campus groups to accomplish this), college judicial policies (SA has established peer advisors for Committee on Standards cases), the Good Samaritan policy (after SA's work, there are no limits on the number of times you can call), concerns regarding class size (the hiring process is underway for several new economics and government professors). The leadership of SA members has been critical in all of these issues -- in raising them, solving them or contributing to campus discussion.

Credit, debit cards cited for termination of BbOne

(11/16/05 11:00am)

Starting Dec. 8, the College will shut down the BbOne program, a debit account allowing students to use their Dartmouth Cards at town vendors, BbOne Senior Operations Director Dan Gretz announced in a BlitzMail message to students Tuesday. Checks refunding the balance of all BbOne accounts will be mailed to students' home addresses before the end of December.

Men's soccer receives first-round bye in NCAA Tourney

(11/15/05 11:00am)

Twelve minutes after 5 p.m. Monday night, the Collis TV lounge exploded with applause and cheers. It was the time that the NCAA Men's Soccer Championship bracket was announced and the soccer gods smiled upon reigning Ivy League champion Dartmouth as the team players had gathered to follow the draw on ESPNEWS. For the first time in school history, the team was seeded in the draw and will receive a first-round bye.

Abraham Lincoln Hates America

(11/15/05 11:00am)

The war was "unnecessarily and unconstitutionally commenced by the President" and justified by the "sheerest deception." These are not the words of some liberal New England Democrat about the current Iraq war, but those of Congressman Abraham Lincoln in the U.S. House of Representatives in Jan. 1848, explaining his opposition to the ongoing Mexican War. Conservative pundit Sean Hannity's nineteenth-century counterpart would have labeled the Illinois Representative an "apologist" for the bellicose Mexicans and responsible for emboldening America's enemies and endangering American soldiers. Does Abraham Lincoln hate America?

Disabilities can result in steeper learning curve for some

(11/15/05 11:00am)

For some Dartmouth students, attending class is not as simple as just showing up, taking notes and participating in discussion. Looking around the room, you may not notice that the student next to you isn't taking notes because he is physically incapable, or that he needed a few extra hours on last week's midterm because of a learning disability. Or maybe you do notice because there is an aide in the front of the class translating into American Sign Language.

Clooney assails national apathy in 'Good Night'

(11/14/05 11:00am)

Every once in a while, amidst the barrage of noisy, soulless Hollywood constructions that elbow their way into theatres every Friday, there emerges a film so perceptive and insightful that it magnetizes you to the screen for its entire running time. Films like this don't come along often, and when they do, they are too frequently ignored in favor of the next big Rob Schneider comedy. But it would be a tragedy and a crime if the movie-going public were to pass over George Clooney's quiet masterpiece "Good Night, and Good Luck."