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Football looks to end two-game skid versus Yale

(10/07/05 9:00am)

After a momentous victory over Colgate in the season-opener three weeks ago, Big Green football (1-2, 0-1 Ivy) has dropped its last two games. Before the bitter memories of last year's 1-9 meltdown become a continued reality, Dartmouth will look to snap its skid at the Yale Bowl this Saturday. The Big Green will meet the Bulldogs (1-2, 1-0 Ivy) for a matinee match-up of tough defenses and struggling offenses.

The Door I Couldn't Open

(10/07/05 9:00am)

I will come right out and say it: I am no thug. But my roommate last year, Yin Xie from the Bronx, is a thug. He likes Jay-Z, Bruce Lee, his Von Dutch hats and protein shakes. Yin says that one day he will be an investment banker. I think he will be the first investment banker ever to pull a knife out of his sock and stab a client when he blames him for his portfolio's poor performance (I say "he" because Yin knows how to treat a lady.). I will be honest, I am a little scared of Yin Xie from the Bronx, but we got along just fine for a year.

Intellectual Exodus

(10/07/05 9:00am)

If our College is a research university in all but name, then why did research superstar Michael Gazzaniga leave us for UCSB? If our economics program is so popular with students, and the department so excellent, why could we not retain top-rated professor Amitabh Chandra? If Dartmouth remains so indebted to the rhetorical talent of Daniel Webster, Class of 1801, then why did the College kill the speech department and send our sole rhetoric professor Jim Kuypers packing?

Verbum Ultimum

(10/07/05 9:00am)

Because of Dartmouth's reputation as a veritable "Animal House," dominated by modern-day Blutos and Otters, the sorority system is often neglected in descriptions of Greek life on campus. The differences between the open fraternities and the more closed sororities, three of which are prevented by national charters from having open events, is exacerbated by the disparity between the recruitment processes for the two types of organizations. While men's rush is a condensed process occurring over three nights, women's rush is a marathon of make-up and making conversion that stretches over a week. Such a system contains within it many flaws that serve to weaken both the rush process itself and the houses that it helps shape.

New Sigur Ros album: gorgeous and baffling at the same time

(10/06/05 9:00am)

"Takk ...," the fourth and most recent release from Sigur Ros, is an epic undertaking on many levels. Members Georg Holm, Kjartan Sveinsson, Jon vor Birgisson and Orri Pall Dyrason spent 20 months writing, recording and producing an album whose challenge to the listener lies in its unconventional sound rather than any hard-to-digest concept. Hovering somewhere between ambient noise and pop, "Takk" should be the soundtrack to trendy elevators and lobbies around the world. There is no "filler," per se, since the whole album exists to fill aural space with its carefully arranged crescendos, power chords and orchestration. Already commercially and critically successful, it probably will give muzak a little hipster credibility.

Johnson notches hat trick in home victory over Syracuse

(10/06/05 9:00am)

The Dartmouth women's soccer team bounced back from a frustrating loss to Princeton on Saturday to win 3-1 over the Syracuse Orange. The win raised Dartmouth's record to 7-3 (1-1 Ivy) and dropped Syracuse to 3-6-4 (2-0-3 Big East). The Big Green rode the individual of leading scorer Sarah Johnson '07 to victory. Johnson scored her first ever hat trick.

Blind Justice and Supreme Irony

(10/06/05 9:00am)

As I watch newly empowered Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts begin his journey as an untouchable constitutional deliberator, I can't help but wonder what kind of legacy he will leave. While I am no legal scholar or elected official, I find it unnerving that both legal scholars and elected officials are asking themselves the same question. Additionally, with second Bush judicial nominee Harriet Miers' lack of any previous judicial experience, I am concerned with the emergent political stratagem: nominating people who lack written opinions and, therefore, vulnerabilities during the confirmation process.

College Dining Woes

(10/06/05 9:00am)

Imagine for a moment that you have just finished your Psych class, it is 1:35 p.m. and you are famished. You were up all night either studying or drinking (which does not matter for the purposes of this thought experiment) and you arrived at your first class five minutes late. Needless to say you skipped breakfast. Anyway, you immediately rush with a classmate or two to one of the several dining options we have at Dartmouth. I like to believe that each place has its own specialty and attitude. The Courtyard Cafe in the Hopkins Center is a great place to eat when I feel like delicious and greasy breakfast food. I dine at Collis when I'm feeling more healthy and cultured. For the record, stir fry with Thai peanut sauce is definitely the way to go. Last but not least, I generally go to Thayer when it is either too late or I cannot decide exactly what I want to eat. The one characteristic that all three venues have in common, however, are unbearably long lines.