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Delinquent '08 recounts rushing the field

(10/21/05 9:00am)

Will Ryan '08 hesitated momentarily as Dartmouth fans chanted, "Rush the field! Rush the field!" As he jumped over the fence and took off running, the chanting grew to screaming, roaring, and shouting. He knew he had made one of the best decisions he'd ever make at Dartmouth College: he was rushing the field at the Homecoming game in front of hundreds of frenzied fans.

A cappella groups, Programming Board host non-Greek events

(10/21/05 9:00am)

While the Greek system remains this weekend's most visible social venue, there are various ways to experience Homecoming -- not all of which include waiting in massive lines to enter a fraternity. Whether students seek an option separate from the Greek houses or are simply in search of interesting events which add variety to a night of frat-hopping, Homecoming 2005 promises to include an assorted mix of entertainment.

College revives ancient football game field-rushing tradition

(10/21/05 9:00am)

In an effort to discourage students from attempting one of the most controversial Dartmouth traditions, rushing the field during halftime, this year freshmen have an alternative. Called "the Gauntlet," referring to the shape the students take, the ritual invites students from the freshman class to gather around Leverone Field House towards the end of halftime and greet the team as they return to the field.

Franz Ferdinand could have it better but still avoids sophomore slump

(10/20/05 9:00am)

Have you ever found yourself quickly switching radio channels or clicking through a playlist, barely hearing one song before tiring of it and switching to another? Well, if that's the equivalent of "song ADD," then Franz Ferdinand's second album, "You Could Have It So Much Better" is the closest thing to aural Ritalin that you can find.

Obsessed With the Wrong Reality

(10/20/05 9:00am)

Trishelle Canatella, Veronica Portillo, Bob Guiney and Richard Hatch--do you recognize any of these names? If you are like me, they are almost as ubiquitous as Michael Jordan and Britney Spears. The only difference is that the first four men and women are simply the products of America's insatiable obsession with reality television. Before sitting down to write this column, I spent a few hours watching MTV reality shows ranging from Score, Next and -- I am almost too ashamed to admit it -- Miss Seventeen. But these are certainly not the only shows that I watch on a weekly, much less daily, basis. "Survivor," "Laguna Beach" (the real "OC"), "Trading Spouses," "Real World" and countless other network and cable programs are on my schedule. In fact, aside from ESPN, I can fairly say that I watch reality television almost exclusively. I will also be the first to admit that this is very depressing.

Southward to Biloxi

(10/20/05 9:00am)

Ever since Captain Jack McDonald told me that my genetically irregular blood pressure rendered me ineligible for the Marines OCS program, I have wondered how one actually serves his or her country these days. After all, the nation reacted to Sept. 11 with anger and fear, not a call to duty. Even if there had been one, it is not clear what anyone could have done except help rebuild lower Manhattan, a task that remains unfinished more than four years later.