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Debate Before Dogma

(10/27/05 9:00am)

Imagine standing trial for murder. Before the defense attorney is able to speak in your favor, the jury rises and finds you guilty. They are so convinced they are correct that they refuse to listen to the counter-arguments. Whether you truly are guilty ceases to be the question, and things do not look good for you or for any society that would allow this to happen.

Ausmus '91 represents Big Green in World Series debut

(10/26/05 9:00am)

As the wind swooped in from Lake Michigan on a rainy Sunday evening in Chicago's South Side, the Houston Astros' Brad Ausmus '91 took his position behind home plate at U.S. Cellular Field. As his cleats dug into the soggy dirt, he watched White Sox outfielder Scott Podsednik, who had not connected for a home run throughout the entire regular season, enter the batter's box.

Avoiding the Extremes

(10/26/05 9:00am)

Our nation's policy on extrajudicial executions should be debated, not dismissed by politicized rhetoric, as it was by some professors at a recent panel discussion (see "Torture debate marked by controversy from history prof.," Oct. 18). The issue ultimately evolves into a debate between two competing extremes. Do we forbid all targeted assassinations and tie our hands against acting on known and credible threats? Or, do we allow our nation's leaders to execute foreign tyrants and domestic insurgents without trial, and risk sliding down the slippery slope towards Orwellian lawlessness?

Thrice fails to completely avoid emo banalities with 'Vheissu'

(10/25/05 9:00am)

Orange County quartet Thrice has been hailed as a post-hardcore trailblazing act for several years now, quietly building a respectable cult following with its first three successful studio albums. Unfortunately, "Vheissu," the band's latest offering, falls flat in spite of a sincere effort on Thrice's part to step beyond the aggressive pop-punk sounds on which it has capitalized in the past. The album's title is an obscure allusion to the band's process of reinventing itself; a reference from Thomas Pynchon's novel "V," "Vheissu" is meant to mimic the German question "Wie Heisst du," or "What are you called?" With cover art by author Dave Eggers, most recently of "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" fame, Thrice in fact seems intent on setting itself apart from the rest of the punk scene intellectually as well as artistically.