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Eating Right

(10/07/04 9:00am)

Take a moment to travel back in time with me, to a time when fad diets, weight-loss drugs and gastric bypass surgery were the headlines. When you hear these things, do you think of Dr. Atkins, Anna Nicole and Al Roker, or obesity, diabetes and heart disease?

Students face off in Democrat-GOP debate

(10/07/04 9:00am)

In between televised presidential debates, the College Republicans and Young Democrats went head-to-head in their own sparring session Wednesday night at the Rockefeller Center. The debate centered on foreign policy and the economy, and specifically the war in Iraq, the nuclear weapons situation in North Korea, the increasing deficit in the United States and several tax-related topics.

Yankees and Red Sox stand on collision course again; Twins and Angels look to pull a surprise

(10/06/04 9:00am)

Pitching wins championships. This dictum has determined the winner of the World Series for the last 100 years. We saw it last year when the Yankees lost to the Marlins. We saw it in 2001 when the D-backs squeezed past the Yankees. And, we saw it in 2000 when the Yankees decimated the Mets.

Eight teams remain with a chance to win World Series

(10/06/04 9:00am)

I hate to say it, but I told you so. Since opening day, I touted the St. Louis Cardinals as the preeminent team in the game, only to be met by public ridicule, nasty blitzes and downright vitriolic letters to the editor. I was laughed at by nearly everyone who asked me to predict the National League Central champs. Well, the season's over now, and I think the standings speak for themselves.

Best and Brightest

(10/06/04 9:00am)

As certain as the leaves will change colors this fall, the march of students through Dartmouth's halls continues. Where we go after leaving Dartmouth is a question that requires deep introspection and self-questioning. Although options after graduation are nearly limitless, a disproportionate number of people choose to go into the corporate world and practice corporate law.

Terrorism On The Payroll

(10/06/04 9:00am)

How surprised would you be to know that voluntary American donations to the United Nations are being used to support terrorists in the Middle East? That's right. Despite our current war on terror, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East has put several members of a major terrorist organization on their payroll.

Direct Connect users at risk of criminal charges

(10/06/04 9:00am)

For the first time, students swapping music on Direct Connect, a popular file-sharing hub at Dartmouth and schools nationwide, could face criminal prosecution for their online activity. Last month marked the beginning of an alliance between the Justice Department and representatives of the music, movie and software industries with the goal of restricting illegal online file sharing.

'Palookaville' finds Cook closer to the gutter than the stars

(10/05/04 9:00am)

I'm going to go out on a limb here and advance the oft-debated contention that if there were devised a grand artistic sequence of musical deeds that needed to be accomplished, remaking Steve Miller's surreal anthem "The Joker" as a hip, psuedo-dance song would not have been scheduled in the year 2004. Just maybe this will be permissible after Mr. Miller's remains have sufficiently putrefied, but not now.

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