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Getting to Know ...

(10/21/04 9:00am)

Andres Reyes: Before I answer any of these questions, I just want to point out how completely shocked I am that you have taken the time to write about the men's tennis team. I was really expecting to get bumped for the expose on the low quality of grips that the women's tennis team uses. I really am. But I feel like I must make the most of this opportunity.

Comedy on the Offense

(10/21/04 9:00am)

Jon Stewart isn't exactly a household name in Scotland, where I'm currently studying on the Religion FSP. Hence, I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't hear immediately about what a number of pundits are referring to as "Tuckergate." But now that I'm aware of the diatribe against "serious" political talk that constituted Jon Stewart's appearance on CNN's "Crossfire" last Friday, I can't believe I've missed this media tempest in a teapot. The resulting flurry of articles and discussion once again puts Stewart into the middle of yet another journalistic feud.

This is Leadership?

(10/21/04 9:00am)

In their second debate, John Kerry called President Bush -- appropriately -- "Orwellian." He referred then to the cheery names the Bush administration has given its regressive environmental policies: The Clean Skies bill excludes the biggest greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, and has led to dirtier skies; the Healthy Forest Initiative actually injured forests by opening them up to logging. The truth is, unfortunately, that mirrors of "1984" don't end with environmental policy: Bush and company relied on Orwellian logic in making a case for the Iraq war. In short, the White House knowingly put the American homeland and its citizens in danger in order to build support for the war, relying on logic similar to that the government in "1984" used to justify bombing its own citizens. The White House displayed unequivocally that it placed the war in Iraq as a higher priority than American civilian lives--not just U.S. Army or military lives. Bush was willing to let people like you and I die en masse for the chance to oust Saddam, all in the name of protecting us.

Varsity four race highlights women's first fall regatta

(10/20/04 9:00am)

The Dartmouth women's crew team launched into its fall head racing season Saturday, entering four boats in the New Hampshire Championships Regatta on the Merrimack River in Manchester, N.H. Despite less than ideal water conditions, the team walked away with silver and bronze medals as well as the New Hampshire Cup Team Trophy, determined by a combination of Dartmouth's women's and men's team scores.

Collective Punishment: Bad Idea

(10/20/04 9:00am)

I can usually tell how much fun a weekend was by the quantity of dried vomit on the bathroom floor. No doubt an unwanted gift from one inebriated freshman to the rest of his floormates. I stagger to the bathroom as most of my male floormates do, select a stall and hope that drunken freshman X did not choose the same stall the night before to empty the contents of his beer-ladened belly. Sometimes I guess right, other times, I am momentarily forced to bear witness to the vile remains of Keystone Light and of a quasi-digested ranch chicken filet sandwich. I say a silent prayer for the poor janitor forced to wrangle with the mess and continue my morning bathroom ritual as planned.

'Motorcycle Diaries' presents the man who would be Che

(10/19/04 9:00am)

His face is found on posters, T-shirts, stickers and hats -- an immediately recognizable face, almost always in black against the red backdrop of communism. To some, he is the symbol of a revolution that changed Latin America forever; to many who are unfamiliar with his story, he symbolizes a vague idea of rebellion and anti-establishmentarianism.