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Three Lessons from a Profile in Courage

(04/28/03 9:00am)

Before applying Dartmouth, if someone told you that your college essay, on which you had worked so diligently, would be the reason Dartmouth would deny you, would you revise your essay to preach to the Dartmouth admissions committee? Or would you submit your original, more honest essay, believing that success is not an acceptance letter but holding true to a core set of values?

The News We Kept to Ourselves

(04/28/03 9:00am)

Journalism has a credibility problem. The nature of the profession is obtaining exclusive information from important people and conveying it to the public. This process often entails bargaining with disreputable yet highly coveted subjects in order to get a scoop. To what degree is it acceptable for a reporter to sacrifice his integrity for access to a story? There seems to be no consensus among journalists on this dilemma. The profession's reputation suffers with the general public as a result, as viewers and readers remain skeptical about the concessions a journalist may have made to secure an interview with a powerful subject.

The Fools on the Hill

(04/25/03 9:00am)

Day after day, alone at the college on the hill, I get up at 7:00 a.m. to get ready for my ten o'clock class. I make the trek across campus to my Biology 15 class and I sit down in the front row, middle seat -- 15 minutes early. As the more delinquent students trickle in minutes before class is about to start, I arrange my 14 colored pens and two notebooks in preparation for the lecture. As soon as the professor opens his mouth, I immediately raise my hand: "Will we be tested on the optional material that you said we would not have to know for the exam?" Some students around me snicker; I ignore them because I know they are the imbeciles who get Bs.