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A Bold Idea

(11/18/03 11:00am)

Ten thousand dollars a year for college. It sounds like one of those campaign promises that are good on the stump but too expensive once the candidate is elected. But Howard Dean's latest announcement is not only eminently do-able, it is a breakthrough for an idea that has been germinating in both conservative and liberal camps for almost 50 years.

Wright house holds Webster's furniture, other antiques

(11/18/03 11:00am)

Most Dartmouth students only know the President's house as the stately, red brick mansion across from Alpha Chi Alpha fraternity, where as freshmen, the President welcomed them to the school. Inside the buildings hallowed walls, however, the decorations and furniture represent the rich and unique history of Dartmouth and its presidents.

Bates still honing his sound in Collis

(11/17/03 11:00am)

In the radio world of mass-produced, cookie cutter male singer/songwriters, it's necessary to do something pretty spectacular in order to stand apart from the crowd. Listening to the radio these days, one might conclude that basically anyone who can play a guitar and carry a tune is radio-worthy, but to become a timeless singer/songwriter like Bob Dylan, Nick Drake or Richard Thompson it takes a great deal more talent than proclaiming that someone's body is a wonderland.

Wayfaring Strangers play hit and miss set in Spaulding

(11/17/03 11:00am)

Described by jazz critics as a "bluegrass band" and by bluegrass critics as a "jazz band," The Wayfaring Strangers is neither. Led by Matt Glaser on fiddle, the nine members of The Wayfaring Strangers brought good old-fashioned folk music to Spaulding Auditorium. The supergroup, composed of Berklee College of Music professors and other expert musical craftsmen, played new, unrecorded material as well as selections from their previous two albums on Cambridge, Mass.-based Rounder Records.