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'A View from the Bridge' powerfully engages audience

(11/20/03 11:00am)

Creepy figures lurked in the shadows, eerie music echoed throughout the auditorium -- and yet the seats steadily filled. But, the spooky and off-putting atmosphere did not repel. Rather it drew people into its depths. The time was 8 p.m., the place was Moore Theatre, and the audience, well, no one could have prepared them for what was to come.

Women to face UNC-Charlotte in first round of tournament at Seton Hall

(11/20/03 11:00am)

With an impressive incoming freshman class that ranks with the best in the nation and a brand new assistant coach who is more than familiar with the Dartmouth system, the Big Green women's basketball team seems headed for a promising season. This weekend, Dartmouth opens up against UNC-Charlotte, a very quick and worthy opponent, at the Seton Hall Tournament in New Jersey.

Virus concerns prompt Internet disconnections

(11/20/03 11:00am)

Seventy-six students are no longer able to access the campus Internet after Computer Services followed through on its threat to disconnect virus-infected computers last week. "Probably a couple dozen more" had been disconnected but were granted renewed access after removing the virus from their computers, according to Bill Brawley of Computing Services.

B(C)S - The Return

(11/19/03 11:00am)

Since I generated such lovable topics of conversation by discussing the BCS and the travesty of TCU being in its top six, I figure another college football article is required. I promise this is the last one for the term. My word being my bond, I now turn to the real point of this excerpt from my brain. This is the Ohio State column. Last week I called TCU a joke. Well, if TCU is a joke, at least it's funny. And to quote my man Jack, Ohio State isn't funny, they're tragic.

Bias at Dartmouth

(11/19/03 11:00am)

Dartmouth is a special community marked by a belief that civility and mutual respect enable people to learn from each other. We recognize, though, that our community is not immune from those occasional conflicts rooted in misunderstanding, ignorance, acts of intolerance or conduct that is inconsiderate or harmful. A number of recent incidents have caused some to raise questions about members of our community and our shared culture and values. I am writing to address these recent incidents and to comment on personal responsibility and our options as a community.

"They're Just Meat"

(11/19/03 11:00am)

Valery is in his early twenties. He is a commissar or a lieutenant colonel responsible for morale and discipline in a battalion of the Russian Army stationed in Chechnya. After a few hours of drinking one night, he spills his real views about the war in Chechnya to a western journalist: "We should have slaughtered all Chechens over 5 years old and sent all the children that could still be re-educated to reservations with barbed wire and guards at the corners ... But where would you find teachers willing to sacrifice their lives to re-educate these wolf cubs? There are no such people. Therefore, it's much easier to kill them all. It takes less time for them to die than to grow." He continues: "The solution, in fact, would have been very easy -- the old methods used by Russian troops in the Caucasus in the 19th century. For the death of every [Russian] soldier, an entire village was burned to ashes. For the death of every officer, two villages would be wiped out. This is the only way this war can be brought to a victorious end and this rogue nation conquered ... for political reasons, it's impossible to murder the entire adult population and send the children to reservations, but sometimes, one can try to approximate the goal." "What rules? What Geneva Conventions? What difference does it make if Russia has signed them? I didn't sign them, none of my friends signed them In Russia, these rules don't work," said another 25-year-old army officer to the "Los Angeles Times" journalist.

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