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Book preservers work to keep the classics fresh

(11/12/02 11:00am)

It has been a long, hard life for Homer's "Iliad." Year after year, the book endures perusal by fingers sticky with dining-hall concoctions, spills of the late-night coffee that sustains its frantic readers and jolting cross-campus backpack odysseys. After term papers are finished, it lies buried under heaps of dorm-room refuse until returned to the library for the cycle to start afresh.

Don't Blame the Messengers

(11/11/02 11:00am)

Anyone who turned on the TV last Tuesday night got a rare chance to watch history in the making. Even the cable news pundits -- who are not usually at a loss for words -- struggled to find precedent for the GOP's midterm electoral romp, which marked the first time that a first-term president's party gained seats in both houses of Congress in a midterm election since Teddy Roosevelt occupied the Oval Office.

AIM Addiction

(11/11/02 11:00am)

I have a problem. I am addicted to AOL Instant Messenger. I have been for the past few years. Ever since I typed my first few friends' screen names into my buddy list, I can't seem to sign off from this terrible addiction, and it's getting worse. I've noticed many of my friends are suffering from this disease. I even started a chat room about our problem. I might invite you.

The More Things Change...

(11/08/02 11:00am)

So Election Day has come and gone at last. The Republicans managed to buck the trend and gain congressional seats in both the House and the Senate, both of which they now control. On our primarily Democratic campus, I have seen glum faces all day and not just because of the weather. To those of who think your pet causes and ideals have suffered greatly with the outcomes of the election, I would quote the old mafia saying: "Fuggedaboudit."