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Popularity Politics

(11/15/02 11:00am)

It was 1994, and I was sitting in the second tier of my high school's auditorium. I remember it distinctly because the whole event was so comical. In front of me were the three candidates running for eighth grade class president, each candidate unique in their own regard. The final candidate to make his presidential speech that day was Haydon Mixsell. Haydon was not the most qualified of nominees. In fact his campaign had the duration of a marathon-like two days. Someone had convinced him to run and seeing nothing better to do with his time, he agreed. His speech is what clinched the presidency. Haydon stood on the podium for about 25 seconds, stiffened with stage fright, unable to articulate the most basic of words. Finally, with embarrassment setting in, Haydon made a valiant attempt to salvage his fleeing opportunity. With the eloquence and profundity of President Bush himself, Haydon pleaded with his classmates to elect him because:

Vedder lacks that visceral edge on new Pearl Jam LP

(11/14/02 11:00am)

With Nirvana's lost single "You Know You're Right" getting massive airplay and Soundgarden's Chris Cornell collaborating with the former members of Rage Against The Machine in Audioslave, rock listeners seem nostalgic for the early '90s and the Seattle grunge scene. What better time for Pearl Jam, the only major band still intact from the days of flannel, to release their new album?

Donor Discrimination

(11/14/02 11:00am)

Donating blood is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to save a life. For those of us who do not want to go to medical school or who do not currently wish to part with our vital organs, we can simply attend a local blood drive for an hour a few times a year to renew someone's chance at life. Dartmouth, along with colleges across the nation, has blood drives once a term where all members of the community are urged to donate a pint in order to serve the desperate need for blood in hospitals locally and nationally. Clubs, teams and other organizations encourage their members to donate blood in groups; many students donate blood out of social obligation as well as for moral reasons.

Recent graduates expand scope of wireless network

(11/14/02 11:00am)

Dartmouth takes pride in its wireless Ethernet network. It's fast, it works all around campus and it gives students instant access to the World Wide Web, campus servers and, of course, BlitzMail. Unfortunately, these privileges only extend to students on campus. In the past, students living off campus have been forced to use an agonizingly slow dial-up service for all their Internet needs.