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Martyrdom has never been so fun -- 'Superstar' rocks

(05/13/02 9:00am)

When originally released in October 1970, "Jesus Christ Superstar" was the subject of controversy among many religious groups. The rock opera tells the story of the last seven days of Christ's life as seen through the eyes of Judas, providing a take on the story one does not often hear in Sunday school. Since the 1970s, the show has been reproduced multiple times, always creating some kind of media uproar.

Too Idealistic? Think Again

(05/13/02 9:00am)

In this column, I defineThe Money as money Dartmouth has previously spent on expensive social events that only a few attend (Bad-@$$ party immediately comes to mind). This is money that might have been wasted on building more libraries, raising helpful alumni cash or a fund that Dartmouth could have set aside for social life. Perhaps The Money doesn't exist right now, but if we put our minds to it, The Money will materialize here and there.