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Dealing With Dictators

(10/29/02 11:00am)

While it's a stretch to state that any good can come from North Korea's recent revelation that it possesses a nuclear bomb, at least Pyongyang's surprise announcement of nuclear prowess serves to drive home an important geopolitical point: governments -- especially those of the backward, autocratic persuasion -- lie. They lie a lot.

Pat McGee Band brings uncommon talent to Collis

(10/28/02 11:00am)

I remember sitting shotgun in a friend's car, driving around Bethesda, Md., and bemoaning the burdens of our junior year of high school. The CD playing in the background penetrated through my cloudy ruminations and drew my attention to the car's speakers. I nudged the volume knob up a bit, then a bit more. I turned and asked my companion, "Who is this making such sweet, sweet music?" -- or something to that effect.

Incentives for Terror

(10/28/02 11:00am)

Terrorism has been with the world for a long time, and yet it is only recently that Americans have taken an interest in the subject. Because we are relative newcomers to terrorist attacks on our soil, it is important that we evaluate our foreign policies to ascertain whether or not they are discouraging future attacks. Our military actions in Afghanistan and elsewhere have been a good start, but to eliminate this scourge we need to change the way we assess, and support or oppose, independence movements. So long as we continue to support rulers who sponsor terrorism, America will be vulnerable to it. This needs to change.

New law to clarify U.S. rules for student visas

(10/28/02 11:00am)

Last week, the House and Senate passed H.R. 4967, the Border Commuter Student Act of 2002, to correct ambiguous border laws that were misdirected after Sept. 11 spiked suspicions toward all "foreigners" in the United States. The stricter policies of the Immigration and Naturalization Services prevented part-time students from traveling across national borders to their U.S. schools.

Crew: Rowers Battle Wind, Crabs in Boston

(10/25/02 9:00am)

This past weekend, the Dartmouth rowing club headed down to Boston to compete in the prestigious Head of the Charles Regatta. Despite 10 to 15 mph headwinds and the fact that Dartmouth's schedule forces the teams to get a later start training on the water than most rivals, the men's lightweight and heavyweight teams, as well as the women's team, posted very strong results.