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Big Green pounces on Columbia in 2nd

(11/07/01 11:00am)

In what could have been a rebuilding year, the DWRC has dominated the Northeast. The point differential between the Big Green and its regular season opponents was 286-22. Having played only two close games all season, the DWRC was not sure what to expect from its first playoff game against Columbia University. The Lions provided one of the biggest challenges of the season for the Big Green. The Lions put up a good fight and held the Big Green scoreless in the first half, but Dartmouth picked it up in the second, scoring four tries to win the match 26-0.

Buffalo stops Big Green stampede into Nationals

(11/07/01 11:00am)

BUFFALO--The Dartmouth men's rugby team had high hopes going into Saturday's first-round playoff matchup against SUNY-Buffalo. After winning two must-win games to finish the regular season and put themselves in the playoffs, the Big Green ruggers felt that they had the upper hand against a Buffalo team they had not faced since last season. But a muddy field, eight hours of traveling and a lack of team cohesiveness dashed Dartmouth's playoff hopes as Buffalo pulled out a 20-13 victory.

Field hockey denied bid to field of sixteen

(11/07/01 11:00am)

Last night the bubble burst on the Dartmouth field hockey team. The Big Green (13-4, 5-2 Ivy) were left out of the 16-team field chosen by the NCAA selection committee. The women were hoping that a seven-game winning streak to end the season and a strong non-conference schedule with several impressive wins would be enough to impress the committee, but it was apparently not enough. Left out of the NCAA field, the Big Green will have to settle for an invitation to the four-team ECAC tournament.

Omaha: The 51st State

(11/07/01 11:00am)

I feel it my duty as an American -- nay, a western American, one of the pop-saying variety -- to respond to recent comments in these very pages noting American ignorance of world geography. While I cannot argue that many people are pathetically inept when it comes to world geography, there is an issue much closer to home that needs to be addressed. After all, how can we expect others to know anything about world geography before they know anything about the United States? And I'm not talking about post office employees, who are slandered enough as it is, or your run-of-the-mill "Jaywalking" morons from "The Tonight Show," as the only perpetrators of geographical ignorance. I am talking about bona fide ivy league students who know nothing about America. Can't get much closer to home than that. Before we can even think about addressing American egocentricity in its ignorance of the rest of the world, we have to work on this very campus to solve the problems of ignorance of this wonderful land stretching from sea to shining sea. (And yes, contrary to popular opinion, the country does stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific, not just from the Atlantic to the Mississippi.)

The Ramadan Quandary

(11/07/01 11:00am)

As the military campaign against the al-Qaida terrorist network and the Taliban leadership in Afghanistan continues, some are looking to the future to determine whether or not the military campaign should carry on during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. President George W. Bush and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld have stressed that our military action will take time. Certainly, it will still be going strong when Ramadan begins on Nov. 17. Thus, it becomes important for us to consider whether we should maintain our attack on the Taliban during Ramadan or pause it until afterward.

Field hockey defeats Brown, now waits for NCAA bid

(11/06/01 11:00am)

In the words of Tom Petty, "The waiting is the hardest part." After waiting nearly two months for the rescheduled Brown game, the Dartmouth field hockey team must wait another 24 hours to find out its postseason fate. The Big Green (13-4, 5-2 Ivy) wrapped up its regular season yesterday afternoon in Providence with its seventh straight win, a 2-0 shutout over Brown (8-9, 3-4 Ivy), and now awaits this evening's announcement by the NCAA selection committee.

How Much Do You Know?

(11/06/01 11:00am)

Geographic ineptness is ravaging the country. This trend is an offshoot of Americentrism, the theory that we're great and the rest of the world can kiss our asses. The average American's knowledge of the world's geography extends only to a few main, let's call them, "countries": the United States, Mexico, Canada, South America, China, Great Britain, the Soviet Union, Europe, Asia, India and Down Under.