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Tournament Time: Strangers Come to Town

(11/09/01 11:00am)

Don't even think of telling the Dartmouth field hockey team it's only the ECACs. This team wants a trophy, and it wants it bad. The Big Green will get its chance as the top seed in the tournament it is hosting for the second consecutive year. Less than a week after defeating Brown, Dartmouth goes for the Providence sweep in their semifinal contest (11 a.m. tomorrow at Scully-Fahey Field) when the Big Green (13-4, 5-2 Ivy) squares off against Providence College (11-7, 1-4 Big East).

X-C Running in Regionals

(11/09/01 11:00am)

This Saturday at Franklin Park in Boston, the Dartmouth cross country teams will attempt to qualify for the NCAA championships in a qualifier race. The Big Green men and women's teams will compete against a strong field to try and finish in the top two slots, which would earn the teams an automatic bid to the championship race held in Furman, South Carolina on Nov. 19.

Women's Soccer Playing for Seeding, Possibly Home Field

(11/09/01 11:00am)

After a dramatic overtime thriller against Cornell last weekend, the Big Green women's soccer team looks to continue its winning ways against Brown. The team joins a large Dartmouth contingent heading down to Providence this weekend, but its game is especially important: the result of Saturday's match will play a crucial role in determining what seed, if a bid does come its way, the Big Green will get for the post-season NCAA tournament.

Don't Call it a Comeback

(11/09/01 11:00am)

Picture this: the most powerful nation in the world, a country historically steeped in confidence and pride, is devastated by terrorism and plagued by the looming specter of biochemical attacks. At times like these, we need someone capable of rising to new heights and capturing the imagination and awe of the American people. To paraphrase Paul Simon (something I feel comfortable doing since my hair is as unstylish as his boy Art Garfunkel's): Where have you gone, Michael Jordan? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you. (woo, woo, woo). Unfortunately, the MJ we're seeing today is a far cry from the MJ of old, the MJ we need.

Polling for Profit

(11/08/01 11:00am)

I never expected to spend 12.5 hours standing outside a polling location on Miami Beach, waving a sign and wearing a t-shirt declaring one mayoral candidate superior to all others. Hell, Miami Beach isn't even in my voting district. Then again, I never expected to be this desperate for "flow," as the hip Miami pre-teen set whom I babysit for refers to it. We will neglect to mention the history my state has with elections and polls and votes. Suffice it to say that one of my co-sign-holders helped an elderly man vote (literally helped him vote -- she punched his chads, if you know what I mean), and upon exiting the booth, he asked who that lovely man he voted for mayor was again. The answer: Elaine. He thought he voted for Elian. I am not making this up.

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