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As you'll have it: A standard production of a favorite

(11/12/01 11:00am)

Paul Gaffney's direction of "As You Like It" brings Shakespeare's romantic comedy home. The storybook charm of Edwardian American sets and costumes, the reserved characters, the rational progression of events, the reluctance to soliloquize too self-centeredly and the degree to which actors keep to their own lines makes stepping indoors from turn of the century Upper Valley into turn of the century Adirondacks entirely natural.

War on the Media Front

(11/12/01 11:00am)

So it's official: we're at war. But have you noticed a change in your daily routine as a result? There are no war bonds to purchase, victory gardens to plant or scrap metal to save for the war effort. On the other hand, protests against the war have not gained mainstream appeal and have been limited in number. Our government is at war, but it has yet to call on the American people to make the kind of sacrifices needed in a major conflict. If President Bush is going to succeed in mobilizing all of our resources for the fight, he will first need to do better job articulating to the American people why our cause is just, and how we must sacrifice. Propaganda and spin will become increasingly important in this war in which the media plays almost as important a role as the military.

Perils of Misrepresentation

(11/12/01 11:00am)

There used to be a popular television show, "Truth or Consequences," in which game show contestants suffered the consequences of inappropriate choices. While there were prizes to be won and embarrassments to be endured, the stakes were relatively benign. Unfortunately, the same can't be said about students who misrepresent their achievements in applications for employment or graduate school.

The Aging Process

(11/12/01 11:00am)

I'd like to tell you about an epiphany I had last weekend while eating rice pilaf at the Hop; I believe it has changed my life (the epiphany, not the rice pilaf). See, I was minding my own business, eating my dinner, when I noticed a guy in an Abercrombie and Fitch sweater drop the entire contents of his tray into the "Plastic and Trash" container, without sorting out the food and paper! All the while he was talking to a girl who looked like she was probably in the Abercrombie catalogue about a pong game he had played three weeks ago.

Senior Leaders Step Forward

(11/09/01 11:00am)

The Dartmouth women's hockey team is off to a raging start, but preparing to face more intense competition beginning this weekend, the senior leaders must step to the forefront. Seniors have more on their shoulders than the difficult task of repeating or improving upon last year's impressive numbers and success. Just as critical to the team's future is the seniors' ability to carry the weight left behind by last year's 2001 class, in part by leading the freshmen to become contributors.

Frozen 4: Last Year's Last Stand

(11/09/01 11:00am)

Last year, there was no question where the Dartmouth women's hockey team wanted to end up: as the last team standing. They started out the season with every single player (sans one '00 who had been injured all year anyway) back from a team that had made a scrappy, unexpected run to the Frozen Four and a third place finish. True to expectations, last year's team went 23-3-1 in the regular season, won the ECAC tournament and were the No. 1 seed and favorite of the last four teams competing for the National Championship. Everything was aligned for a National Title, the first official one in the history of Women's College Hockey, but Dartmouth dropped both games.