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Young Blood

(05/21/01 9:00am)

Much has been said about the decline of the NBA and of professional basketball in general. Steep prices, diminishing talent due to expansion and the "bad-boy" behavior of many professional basketball players have all contributed to this accepted view of pro b-ball as a wayward animal. Even the playoffs in recent years have not been able to take the game to the plateau that it reached during the time of Magic-Larry in the 80's and MJ in the 90's.

I've Had Enough

(05/21/01 9:00am)

In the wake of "The Zetemouth" and Psi Upsilon incidents, just about everyone under the sun has felt compelled to put in their two cents about the whole mess, and most of the results say little about the actual issue, and much about the individuals themselves. After reading tirade after tirade, I've resisted the urge to write in and respond. However, there is one breed of editorial so obnoxious, so offensive, so embarrassing that I've had just about enough. I'm referring to the type of pretentious, self important writing exemplified in Michael Weiss' ill-conceived rant "Stereotyping."

Research and the Academic Direction: A Response

(05/21/01 9:00am)

Dartmouth is at a crossroads, but it is not a decision of left or right. The decision is one of backwards or forwards. Undeniably, the teaching culture at Dartmouth is critical to the undergraduate experience. However, the road forward must be facilitated by excellence in research coupled with outstanding teaching. By not addressing the importance of the research culture to Dartmouth undergraduates, the recently released Student Assembly report entitled "The Soul of Dartmouth: The Academic Direction of Dartmouth College" does not represent the student body as a whole.

Faculty Knows Best

(05/21/01 9:00am)

In the latest reverberation of the Zeta Psi fraternity fiasco, the faculty of Dartmouth College voted 92-0 to reaffirm its opposition of single-sex Greek organizations. The statement reads, "Any single-sex or otherwise exclusionary social organization [is] antithetical to the educational purpose of the College and its mission to foster a diverse, egalitarian, co-educational student culture. The faculty of Dartmouth College reaffirms its previous votes that the College neither recognize nor materially support such organizations."

Bush's Fight Club Mentality

(05/21/01 9:00am)

President George W. Bush's energy policy amounts to what I like to refer to as the Fight Club mentality. Don't understand what I mean? Consider the following. In the movie, Fight Club, Edward Norton's character, the nameless Narrator, crouches over Angel Face's (Jared Leto) prostrate body and gives him the whipping of a lifetime, brutalizing him and disfiguring his face beyond recognition. As we see this, the Narrator explains, "I wanted to destroy something beautiful."

High-quality, powerful student productions at the Frosts

(05/18/01 9:00am)

While the winning scripts for the Eleanor Frost Playwriting Festival have been uneven in the past, this year's collection -- "Josephine's Last Rites" by Benjamin Mills '03, "Youth N Asia" by Andrew Chu '01 and "Artemisia's Muse" by Sabrina Peric '03 -- are all consistent, high-quality one-acts with remarkable quality, especially for undergraduate work. In addition to the insightful scripts, the plays' productions are also top-notch, resulting in a refreshing evening of live theater that clocks in at just over two hours.

Green Key Exposed!

(05/18/01 9:00am)

We often confuse the meaning of Green Key weekend; after all, it's pretty easy to get confused if you're carrying around a water bottle full of vodka for 72 consecutive hours. As with Homecoming and Winter Carnival, Green Key has predominantly become an official excuse for marinating all that pesky knowledge that has accumulated over the course of the term in alcohol.

A Lazy Person's Dream

(05/18/01 9:00am)

It's my last Green Key and since it's my favorite Dartmouthism, I'm feeling kind of nostalgic. Actually, that's not the right word. I'm feeling kind of confused, mostly because I have no idea what it is that I am about to celebrate this weekend, let alone why I'm nostalgic about it. I know what Homecoming means, and I realize that Winter Carnival is just a way to trap us into celebrating the fact that we go to school in the tundra. But I have no clue how to write about Green Key without sounding like a complete waste of space and purpose.