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An Informed Perspective

(05/24/01 9:00am)

I am writing as a woman who knows Zeta Psi fraternity and its members well enough to express my frustration with the manner in which the brothers have been portrayed this term and why their derecognition is shortsighted and entirely unwarranted. As a woman, Zeta Psi is one of the only fraternities on campus at which I feel comfortable. The loudest protesters against Zeta Psi are people who do not know members personally; too often we are guilty of judging people by one insignificant action taken out of proportion without even knowing them as people. Members of Zeta Psi have been made to look like misogynists, something that could not be further from the truth. We forget the common ground we share as human beings when we label people out of outrage. It is far easier to be outraged than to step back and try to examine the situation as a whole.

Between Teaching & Research

(05/24/01 9:00am)

I came to Dartmouth in large part because of the Women in Science Project Internship program. I knew that Dartmouth was a small college dedicated to providing me with an unmatched undergraduate experience, and, as if that were not enough, I could also have the opportunity to participate in research in my first year. For a science devotee that prospect was irresistible. I am privileged enough to work with a tremendous sponsor who devotes his life to students, teaching and science. I was prompted to write a response to Megan Steven's and Amar Dhand's editorial (The Dartmouth, May 21st, "Research and the Academic Direction: A Response") because I worry that too few of my sponsor's kind are coming to Dartmouth and staying here. "The Soul of Dartmouth" is a report written by the Academic Affairs Committee of the Student Assembly. It is a project that had been underway since the fall. Part of that process included interviewing 30 professors who were all united by the fact that they felt that the quality of teaching was suffering under Dartmouth's focus on research. The report represents those students who care about the quality of education at Dartmouth in all disciplines and realize that research and teaching go hand in hand. If either one is sacrificed then it is Dartmouth, and we as Dartmouth students, that suffer. We cannot teach without research and vice versa.

Within Kennedy's Chambers

(05/24/01 9:00am)

On a chilly Monday morning I stood at the grand entrance of the United States Supreme Court. As the chatter of tourists on the expansive piazza filled the air, the Italian marble shimmered in the sunlight and a spray of clear fountains emitted a light mist. Guards stood outside the court, keeping solemn watch over America's highest judiciary. For a moment I marveled at the exterior of a building whose interior has known so much rich history. Then I strode past the throngs of tourists and was escorted into that grand monument to justice, the Supreme Court of the United States.

Seven '01 women share college experiences

(05/24/01 9:00am)

The posters around campus advertised seven Dartmouth women, seven experiences. At last night's annual "Will the Women of Dartmouth Please Stand Up" in Lowe auditorium, seven Dartmouth '01 women shared a variety of stories, some serious, some hilarious. They talked about the their sexuality, their sororities, their classes, their triumphs and their failures.

The Social Norms Program

(05/23/01 9:00am)

Now that the Social Norms program has been in action for a couple years, it seems like a good idea to look back not only upon the program and its evolution but also upon the reactions students have had to the program. As administrative intern in the Alcohol and Other Drug Education office, I feel that I have a unique perspective on the program that I don't get to share as often as I might like. Hence this D piece. Allow me a moment upon this little soapbox (And yes, that's me on the posters about not hooking up).

Two Dangerous Problems In The SA's Report

(05/23/01 9:00am)

The Student Assembly's report on the future of Dartmouth provides valuable indications of the concerns of many members of the College community. Though I do not agree with all of the proposals in the Student Assembly's report, many of the issues are serious, and need continued dialogue and reflection. There are, however, several very serious issues that are NOT discussed in the report but are clearly reflected in the two passages quoted below:

Nuestra Historia Indigena

(05/23/01 9:00am)

In the spirit of the May 12th"13th of 2001 weekend of celebration of the native peoples and native cultures of the western hemisphere, we, Los Hermanos de La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda fraternity, would like to share with the larger Dartmouth community a brief reflection on the significance and influence of our ancestors who inhabited this part of the world prior to the European conquests and occupations beginning in 1492 on our collective Latino cultures and histories. It has been a central tenet of our organization since our founding to celebrate and gain empowerment from the triune root of Latino history and culture (the indigenous, African and Spaniard), though history, through the consequences of slavery, conquest and racism, has produced a legacy that has often denied the contributions of all of our ancestors on the infrastructure of the institutions of the Americas, as well as on the cultural and religious ideologies of modern Latinos. Unfortunately, many histories would have us believe the lie that the native inhabitants were simply conquered, disenfranchised and dispossessed of all property for exploitation, enslaved to build a life for their conquerors and then erased off of the physical and psychological face of human history.

Classism Erupts Into Violence

(05/23/01 9:00am)

Confirming allegations of institutionalized classism at Dartmouth, class conflict finally erupted into physical combat in a war on the Green this past Saturday. This class combat was a sort of world war of the Dartmouth community, as everybody fought everybody else in an orgy of violence. Each class stood alone: the '04s fighting the '03s fighting the '02s fighting the '01s, in a dark day the memory of which will tarnish the image of Green Key weekend for days to come.

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