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Long Pong Silver

(06/21/01 9:00am)

As my body slowly dissolves into a puddle on my chair (sort of like the old Boomer Esiason commercials -- "I'm melting! I'm melting!"), I don't feel the same drudgery of moving and preparing for a new semester. Instead, I feel anticipation -- for this is our "Sophomore summer," apparently a time of such revelry and carousing that no one can think about things like "work" or "sleep." I think this handed-down notion is simply a veil for class pride. For as the sophomore class enters its junior year, the class members feel a collective urge to give the appearance that their summer was better than the year before, and that the subsequent class cannot hope to match the fun the current class just had. This process then repeats itself for the next class and establishes the culture of revelry that most of us accept.

There Is No Parting

(06/10/01 9:00am)

At Commencement in June of 1951, College President John Sloan Dickey told the senior class, "Your Dartmouth experiences are only beginnings, but never doubt it, they are the beginnings of a good man and a worthy life. From here on, the size of that man and the worth of that life are yours for the fashioning."

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