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Taking Initiative

(07/09/01 9:00am)

Student activism. For many, the energy and risk aren't worth it. We're living in an era when there is no need to take big risks to effect change. Rather, we mouth off -- at the problem, at the responsible, at each other, crying for change but waiting for someone else to bring it to the doorstep. Day in and day out we say blank phrases without really putting any action into showing our intentions. There is a big difference between telling your parents you love them as opposed to doing something to show them that you do. The same goes for every issue we face at Dartmouth.

Early American signs showcased at Hood Museum

(07/05/01 9:00am)

Imagine the scene: Connecticut, circa 1800. You can almost see the weary traveler and his trusty steed now. They wind their way along a rural New England road. In the distance, the traveler sees a sign bearing a familiar and inviting image, the black silhouette of a horse. The traveler heaves a sigh of relief, knowing he has found a place to rest for the evening.

Fearless Predictions

(07/05/01 9:00am)

Making sense of the 2001 Major League Baseball season is somewhat like reading "A Clockwork Orange." At first, you just don't get it, it's not written in English. The Yankees were far out of first place, and the Cubs, Twins and Phillies were significantly ahead in their divisions. As we keep reading, we begin to filter and translate what's going on. As of today, the Cubs, Twins and Phillies are still in first place, but their leads have shrunk and the Yankees have indeed returned to their perch atop the AL East. It is now at the season's midpoint that we completely understand why certain teams are where they are, and we have a better idea of where we are going. With that said, here are my Mid-Season Awards and Fearless Predictions.

To the Administration

(07/05/01 9:00am)

That the administration does not act in good faith is painstakingly evident. That they do not care about student opinion is clear. That they go out of their way to destroy the Greek system through underhanded and disguised tactics cannot be mistaken. After the latest instance of administrative attempts to control the lives and undermine the will of the students, the student body at large has come to these realizations. Administrators, the students of Dartmouth sadly accept the fact that the you are not working with us to create a better Dartmouth, but instead working against us to change the face of the school in significant and unnecessary ways. Thus, I am not writing this column to demonstrate to the student body your descent to the level of cartoon super-villains, nor am I making a plea to you to care for and respect the student body. Instead, I intend to point out the pragmatic problems with your senseless crusade and illustrate how, from an objective standpoint, it will do great harm to the school.

Patient Bill Tanks

(07/05/01 9:00am)

Last week's passage of the Senate's version of The Patient's Bill of Rights -- a resolution long-debated in both houses -- was hailed as a victory for the Democrats. Celebration was short-lived however, as on Tuesday President Bush announced that he would veto the Democrat-backed legislation, having thrown his support instead to a Republican-favored bill expected to arrive on the House floor in mid-July.

Speech questions meaning of July 4th

(07/05/01 9:00am)

The day before nation-wide Independence Day celebrations, people from the Dartmouth community converged at the Rockefeller Center to discuss "Does July 4th have the same meaning for everyone?" In a community dialogue lead by Jennifer M. Bowman '02 and History Professors Alexander Bontemps and Vernon Takeshita, participants explored the positive and problematic aspects of our nation's holiday that commemorates July 4, 1776.

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