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Against White Ribbons

(11/16/01 11:00am)

Recently I received a small green card in my Hinman Box advertising something called "White Ribbon Day" slated for this Saturday, Nov. 17. "Oh," I thought, "apparently some cause I haven't heard about yet." I read on to discover that "Men are invited to receive a White Ribbon, a symbol of a pledge never to commit, condone, or remain silent about violence against women."

In Defense of War

(11/16/01 11:00am)

I am not exactly the most patriotic American citizen. I remember when I saw the twin towers in NYC come crashing down, I thought to myself, "OK, Empire America will now begin to drop small mushroom clouds all over the Middle East." Only, America did not. Instead, the first month of this "new war" focused on the firefighters who died trying to save foreigners and citizens trapped in the towers. Instead of mob parades burning Afghani flags and bin Ladens in effigy, there was an unprecedented Red Cross blood drive and fund donations for the victims and their families. Meanwhile, the President publicly denounced all forms of racism against peace-loving Muslim-Americans. The bin Laden forces responded with anthrax sent to post offices and television stations. While all this was happening, the American government tolerated various rallies across college campuses that denounced American policy and the American will to fight back. I even heard one student protester give a speech on how America deserved to get hurt like this. Only in America would we allow someone to freely express such sentiments in this time. Oddly, in these kinds of ways, it has been a fine hour for America. Are some things worth fighting for?

Cartoon cult-fave 'The Tick' flourishes in live action

(11/15/01 11:00am)

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's -- wait what is that weird-looking blue thing? Before you reach for the nearest flyswatter, tune in for "The Tick," Fox's new comedy about an insect qua superhero whose laid-back approach to crime-fighting is anything but ordinary. This mysterious arthropod of justice leaps from rooftop to rooftop defending a city known as "The City." His innocent -- and ignorant -- understanding of the workings of the world fails to stop this caped-crusader.

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