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Equality for All?

(07/17/01 9:00am)

By about May of this year, there was little that could faze me about New Jersey drivers. Over the course of eleven weeks and 8,000 miles driven on behalf of my mortgage firm, I had been rear-ended twice, I had cursed and been cursed at for using a cell phone at 78 miles an hour and had my life threatened. That last was at the hands of a burly trucker who tried to push me into oncoming traffic, forcing me to zoom in front of him and give him the finger with both hands. He took the logical conflict-resolving step of waiting till we were both stuck in traffic again, then knocking on my window and threatening the lives of me and all who were dear to me.

A Challenge

(07/13/01 9:00am)

About a month ago on Commencement Weekend, I was eating at Murphy's with a few of my '01 friends when one of us noted a picture hanging on the wall of three Boston sports legends autographed by each of them. Noting what an exceptional trio this was, a discussion ensued about what other city could boast of a better lineup of sports legends. This column will rehash that argument we had over dinner, and is one of the few reasons I can be happy to be a Boston sports fan.

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