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Shaping the Public

(07/25/01 9:00am)

I often reflect on my purpose as a writer and commentator. It's difficult to know exactly what the role of reporters and journalists are these days. On this campus, for example, the various debates focus primarily around stories broken by The Dartmouth. This news often evokes anger, frustration and outrage from professors, students and administrators alike.

Wainwright's CD lives up to his first

(07/23/01 9:00am)

"Everything I like's a little bit sweeter, a little bit fatter, a little bit harmful for me," Rufus Wainwright sings in "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk," the outstanding album opener from his sophomore release, "Poses." The song itself is a good example of the kind of guilty pleasures Wainwright sings about, the kind that abound on this complex but catchy neo-folk-pop record.

On Good Times and Lawyers

(07/23/01 9:00am)

The Town of Hanover finally chopped down our beloved rope swing. I'd like to acknowledge the people who made this possible: trial lawyers. Town officials decided to cut down the tree due to liability concerns prompted by their insurance company, which refused to protect them from lawsuits resulting from any potential rope swing injuries. This is merely the latest manifestation of the overly litigious society which trial lawyers have helped to create.

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