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Back to the playground: Darci scores GWG

(10/25/01 9:00am)

Want a sure bet? Bet on the Dartmouth Big Green men's soccer team when they don't allow a goal. While this is almost a sure bet with any team in any sport, the men (4-6, 0-3 Ivy) seem to know how to rally behind their defensive unit when they are playing well and yesterday was no exception as the Big Green downed the Boston College Eagles, 1-0, in overtime on the wings of a Scott Darci '05 goal with just two minutes remaining.

Pumpkin Orange

(10/25/01 9:00am)

I recently found myself up to my elbow in a pumpkin. Scooping out the slimy orange guts from a very large gourd, I was all-but-laughed-at by a sizeable crowd. They took pictures. They offered tips like, "Eeeeeew! That's gross. I'm glad I don't have to do that!" and "Make sure you get all the goop out. Also make the walls nice and thin."

Toward Teaching

(10/25/01 9:00am)

Dartmouth has long prided itself on the quality of its undergraduate teaching among its Ivy League peers. Many consider it to be the very hallmark of a Dartmouth education. This commitment cannot become trite. Last year's Academic Direction Report presented by the Student Assembly emphasized the distinction between mere public emphasis on teaching and institutional support of teaching. There is no bigger academic issue at the College than the continued preeminence of undergraduate teaching. The aim of the Undergraduate Teaching Initiative is to ensure that SA plays an active role in ensuring that undergraduate teaching remains front and center of the academic institutional agenda. The UTI is envisioned as a permanent and continuous initiative of the Student Assembly dedicated to keeping teaching at the fore of any discussion about the academic reorientation of Dartmouth.

The Face of Dartmouth

(10/24/01 9:00am)

Perhaps it was the smell of alcohol-fumed flames in the air, or maybe I had just smoked a bit too much of my one cigarette-per-year quota, but when I came back to school on Friday evening, Dartmouth struck me as some sort of museum piece. Finally I felt like I understood the town of Hanover, at least I thought, and its bizarre mix of college students and octogenarians who wear their pants at least up to their armpits. I think I now understand why some students fight to keep the school the same while others try to fight for improvements.

More Than Words

(10/24/01 9:00am)

I'm disappointed with basically every protest of the military involvement in Afghanistan. It's not because I'm a warmonger, although I do believe that military action is necessary in certain circumstances and cannot be categorically opposed. My opposition has to do with the fact that protests that might otherwise be productive and insightful simply revert to the same exhausted idealistic rhetoric over and over.