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You're sure to get caught up in 'Caught in the Act'

(05/11/00 9:00am)

In the Drama Department's mainstage production "Caught in the Act," Thornton Wilder's "Infancy" and Anton Chekhov's "The Marriage Proposal" both address the theme of "babies acting like growed-ups; growed-ups acting like babies." At times uproarious, at times tedious, the two comic one-act plays take an irreverent look at the conventions of adulthood, offering strong performances by some of Dartmouth's finest thespian talent.

The blueprint of a champion

(05/11/00 9:00am)

The scene is a blustery winter night in Michigan about eight or so years ago. The snow blows horizontally across the city, blinding all those who dare to stay up this late on a stormy night. The camera pans across building after building as they all seem to blend into some sort of speckled pattern until arriving at a sight that all denizens of the city can recognize -- Tiger Stadium.

No Dichotomy

(05/11/00 9:00am)

There is an evil, an ugly ferret-faced disease plaguing this campus. Most are frightfully unaware of it; only a few enlightened investigators have been able to uncover the rotten maw of this gaping decline of civilization. What, you may ask, could be such a threat to humanity? It is this, my children: the death of simple language.

More Than Just Mother's Day

(05/11/00 9:00am)

This weekend many of us will be sending cards and gifts as tokens of appreciation for our mothers, godmothers, step-mothers, foster mothers and countless "honorary" mothers. Still others of us will be hopping on planes, trains and automobiles en route to surprising our mothers at home. However, there will also be a "million" mothers and others on Sunday spending the day in a markedly different way -- at the "Million Mom March."

MP3 Obsession

(05/11/00 9:00am)

Before coming to Dartmouth, I had, of course, read about MP3s and how they would revolutionize the music industry. I even spent what seemed like days downloading one on my ancient computer of two years at home. So when I picked up my brand spankin' new Mac in the fall, I was ready to turn it into a virtual jukebox. After all, I love music, and I'm always broke, so MP3s sounded like some sort of divine gift.

Down by the River

(05/11/00 9:00am)

Like many of my fellow 'shmen, I attended Room Draw on May 9th. We all knew that chances for housing were slim, with 389 beds left for our class. I went anyway, hoping (against the odds) that somehow I'd get housing. Upon entering Leede Arena, Food Court lasagna dinner special in hand (as if I was going to spend a dollar for a pack of M&Ms while waiting there) I saw a conglomeration of my fellow '03s. I could feel the collective nerves of my classmates jangling, worried if they'd get the last room, which I think was either the 159 square foot one room double in Ripley, or one of the third floor rooms in North with sloped ceilings so that anyone over 5'6" can't stand upright in them.

Should doctor-assisted suicide be legal? No

(05/10/00 9:00am)

Imagine if you will a country in which euthanasia has been allowed. Let us suppose that within this country over 1,000 people are killed involuntarily through euthanasia in a given year. At the same time over 40 percent of doctors in this country have performed involuntary euthanasia. In nearly 5,000 cases a year a doctor administers a morphine overdose to kill a patient without that patient's consent.

Should doctor-assisted suicide be legal? Yes

(05/10/00 9:00am)

Why do we so fear doctor-assisted suicide? In fact, why do we fear suicide at all? In the modern world where liberalism is praised as the ideal philosophy -- where everyone has a right to pursue the lifestyle that one wants -- why can't one choose death? And of course, they can; if someone wants to commit suicide, one can but often only in messy, "unsafe" ways (of course, since death is the ultimate goal, unsafe in this context means failing to succeed).