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W. laxers receive accolades

(05/16/00 9:00am)

After a season that went from the highs of a 10-game winning streak, culminating with an overtime win over Princeton to claim the Ivy League title, to the lows of losing in the first round of the NCAA tournament to Duke, the Big Green women's lacrosse team deserve some recognition. Four of their top players got just that as they were named to the Div. 1 North Regional All-America team.

Residential Choices

(05/15/00 9:00am)

Philosophically, we disagree with the introduction of freshman-only housing into the Dartmouth community. Dartmouth has built itself on being a single integrated community rather than a collection of separate classes. Students do not label themselves as "freshmen" or "juniors" but instead identify themselves by the assumed year of graduation. A student is above all a member of the Dartmouth community rather than a part of an isolated class.

Four Walls and a Roof

(05/12/00 9:00am)

Housing: that bizarre, wonderful, sublime need of human beings which demands that we spend our days and nights, especially during cold New Hampshire winters, under a motley collection of walls and a roof. Throughout history the powerful have built themselves coliseums, palazzi, and College President's Mansions, while the weak have been consigned to caves, tenements and the Choates. But the Dartmouth administration, in its infinite munificence, has seen fit to push the housing paradigm into uncharted territory by implementing a housing policy so incompetent that for the 2000-2001 academic year nearly 400 students will be denied housing.