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Transformers and Decepticons

(10/03/00 9:00am)

Last spring when I saw the Transformers movie (yes, put this one alongside Vanilla Ice's "Cool as Ice" and GI Joe for retro Gen X-er appeal), I had no idea I would be using it as a bad way to start off this opinion article. At the time, I also wasn't really thinking about nationalism or anything American at all. Yes, I was more concerned with the endless war between Optimus Prime, the Autobots and the feared Decepticons.

Winning Without Glory

(10/03/00 9:00am)

In rowing there exists a collegiate tradition of awarding shirts to the winner of the race. After the boats are out of the water, and the competitors have caught their breath, the loser approaches the winner, finds the man who rowed opposite him, hands him his shirt and shakes his hand. It is a recognition that your foe has trained hard like you, has sacrificed like you, has wanted to win like you and that, on a another day, the result might be reversed. This tradition may seem ridiculous, but it demonstrates a respect for competition that was at times glaringly peculiar and at other times overtly absent from the Olympic events this year.

10 Things I Hate About W

(10/03/00 9:00am)

Gun control -- George W. Bush has an interesting approach to solving the gun problem that is currently afflicting our country. Instead of eliminating guns from everybody, W supports taking guns away from criminals and offenders. Good idea. Now tell us how you're going to do that. I'm not really sure about this, but if a criminal really wants a gun, I'm guessing he can probably get one without going to a gun shop, most likely by buying or stealing a weapon from someone who legally has a gun. Also, W's pick of Dick "Cop Killer" Cheney is a little strange for someone who constantly touts his support of police. Cheney was one of the few congressmen who decided that bullets made specifically for piercing bulletproof vests are necessary enough so that they may be sold to all Americans. Finally, and most distressing, some Bush supporters have commented that had teachers at Columbine been armed with guns, there would have been fewer victims. Taking this idea just a tad farther, one could argue that the children at the Jewish community center near Los Angeles would have been safer if they had been packing heat.