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New Hood exhibit shows 'Power of Appearances'

(10/09/00 9:00am)

Portraiture is a timeless artistic technique. Throughout the history of art, artists have employed the portrait style to capture something essential in their sitters. Whether realistic or abstract, historical or contemporary, portraits have the ability to convey many messages about both the sitters themselves and the societies in which they live.

War No More

(10/09/00 9:00am)

I am first a human being; then a Jew; and finally, an American. Being Jewish has always meant and will always mean supporting Israel -- this has been implicit since I started Jewish pre-school at the age of two.I'm Jewish, and Israel is the Jewish state.

Who's number one?

(10/06/00 9:00am)

Who will be number one in college football? Who will sit atop the polls at the start of the New Year? This question has plagued sportswriters and fans alike throughout the decades. It's a particularly difficult question given the nature of college football. Upsets occur frequently, and this season has been no exception. Whoever starts the season at number one rarely finishes there. So who will it be?

More than Trippees

(10/06/00 9:00am)

It wasn't until last weekend that I considered them real Dartmouth students -- not prospective students and not trippees, but real Dartmouth students just like me. The '04s aren't just pets with inconsequential names who live outside my door. I may climb on them and eat their food, but the '04s have thoughts and beliefs and opinions just like us.

In defense of the wild card

(10/05/00 9:00am)

Since its inception in 1995, the Wild Card playoff format has been successful. The format changed baseball, but in the process increased competition. It divided each league into three divisions and increased the number of teams in the postseason from four to eight. Bob Costas and others do not support the current system. They want to eliminate the Wild Card and give one team a bye in each league, reducing the number of playoff spots to six. Twelve teams make the playoffs in the NFL, 16 in the NBA and NHL. Eight is a reasonable number. Baseball has proven this over the past five years.

Oldies but goodies

(10/05/00 9:00am)

Every time I turn around, the first something-or-another of the millenium is happening. We live in a society that has become almost obsessed with the time period that we live in. Just because the last three digits of this year are zeroes does not mean that every facet of culture will do a 180. In fact, there certainly seems to be a fair amount that is staying almost exactly the same.

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