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New Kids on the Hill

(11/22/00 11:00am)

Very little political news has been able to wedge itself past the partisan rancor over the Presidency. However, there were some fairly interesting aspects of the 2000 election that didn't involve melodrama, chads, dimples or butterflies. In many ways, the 2000 congressional elections were just as historic as the presidential race, although for very different reasons.

Distinctively Brilliant

(11/22/00 11:00am)

Dartmouth is a college with character. From the bonfire and Keg Jump to Baker Tower and the BEMA, there exists a sense of community here that extends beyond any student's four years of study. In an effort to attract more and "better" people to this campus, recent decisions reflect a broad administrative desire to make Dartmouth more like other Ivy institutions. But no one should be making decisions about Dartmouth based on what other colleges are doing because Dartmouth is quite simply not like other colleges.

Year 2000 brings news worthy of millennium to Hanover

(11/22/00 11:00am)

It hardly seems possible that the year that began with Peter Jennings anchoring 24 hours of global News Year's Eve coverage could have sailed by almost as quickly as its televised introduction. But in that time, the start of the new millennium brought with it many significant events to Hanover that will be remembered well into the future.

Sports comedy

(11/21/00 11:00am)

Every other Sunday evening when I relax on my couch in hopes of writing this column, my initial impulse tells me to write something humorous and witty, something that will force the reader to enjoy the words I write. I search the Internet in hopes of finding some information that will point me in the direction of comedic epiphany, but rarely does this actually happen. Most of the time my lack of patience and time forces me to settle for a boring discussion of the most recent developments in the game of baseball, and with the season well over, I am often limited to tedious topics such as the effect of new managers on their teams.

The Land of Opportunities

(11/21/00 11:00am)

Seeking a better future, I came to the United States -- or, "The Land of Opportunities" as I usually call it -- one rainy Monday on May 6, 1991. Ever since I could remember, my childhood dream was to live in the U.S. I had heard great stories about this "enchanted land," its abundance of economic opportunities and its wonderful people. I guess it didn't take me long to realize that those stories were not entirely true. After just a few days I experienced a "taste" of the true American way. My first year of junior high school was a rude awakening.

End It Already!

(11/21/00 11:00am)

If Al Gore were a man of honor, this election would be over by now. George W. Bush led after Florida's counties reported their machine totals, and his lead has widened now that overseas absentee ballots have been counted. Unfortunately, it seems we will be subjected to recounts and legal challenges that will not conclude until Gore has finagled enough votes to pull into the lead.