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(11/10/99 11:00am)

Perhaps John Cortese '02 should spend less time bowling and more considering the issues at hand before expounding upon them publicly. His editorial, an unstated rebuttal of Janelle Ruley's column, displays faulty logic as well as a lack of full comprehension of the debate up to this point.

Turn Down the Volume

(11/10/99 11:00am)

Janelle Ruley is so dead-set on eliminating Greek students at Dartmouth she has become blinded by her own obsession. She and the other four self-proclaimed Cavaliers Of The Future of Dartmouth claim to understand how to shape the social lives of thousands of students. They have been clamoring for support as loudly as possible. They have had private meetings with the Trustee Committee. They have printed full page editorials in the Dartmouth and sent mass-Blitzes out to students. And now they have the pomp to claim that the reason there aren't more students supporting their radical views is because the Greek System is "prohibiting dissention?" Come on, open your eyes; you are preaching to an empty room.

Thorn and Watt deal with grief in 'Temperamental'

(11/09/99 11:00am)

Everything But the Girl is the British collaboration of Tracey Thorn's alto and Ben Watt's phat beats. The duo is best known for bass-bumping DJ remixes of their love ballads. Todd Terry transformed "Missing" in '95 into a disco anthem, and Omni Trio revamped "Wrong" in '96. But "Temperamental" proves Watt capable of spinning heavy house beats as well as the duo's remixers.

'Sup Fellow Hypocrites

(11/09/99 11:00am)

I went bowling on Thursday night. I hung out and knocked down some pins and even ate cheese fries a little. I saw my friends -- as well as one man who was able to "throw" a strike by starting the ball at his chin and letting it roll down his stomach -- and I had a good time. Had the subject come up, I would have said all lanes should be destroyed because they are the "primary social outlet" in all of New Hampshire.

Raid the Barn

(11/09/99 11:00am)

This article is partially in response to Dan Galemba '03's editorial in Friday's issue entitled "It's Human Nature." In this article Mr.Galemba refers to both NAD and Lambda Upsilon Lambda as exclusive spaces on campus. I hope to clarify a few misconceptions he and others may have concerning the above.