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Assembly votes to support CFS system

(04/14/99 9:00am)

More than two months after the Board of Trustees announced a revolutionary social and residential life initiative that threatens to end the Greek system "as we know it," an emotionally charged Student Assembly meeting last night ended with the passage of a highly controversial resolution opposing any major alterations to the Coed Fraternity Sorority system, such as co-education or abolition, without the consent of the CFS Council.

Our College

(04/13/99 9:00am)

For an unknown reason the students of Dartmouth College have decided that they are not important and that they cannot make a difference. We have resigned ourselves to apathy and inaction. We were presented with a choice last term: create our own social system or let the Trustees and the administration (henceforth referred to as "the system" because I think that's funny). Some of us have been inactive in the hope that they will choose what we think they're going to choose, and I guess the rest of us have decided to be inactive in the hope that they won't choose what we think they're going to choose (the logic is astounding). Do we care that little how we live our lives, that we leave this kind of decision in the hands of bunch of middle aged WASPs? (no offense intended, just aiming for shock value)

Imagine This

(04/13/99 9:00am)

No one would run for Student Assembly President who didn't love Dartmouth. But no one would run for Student Assembly President who loved all the things about Dartmouth. I know Dartmouth well enough to see its flaws. I love Dartmouth enough to be committed to addressing these flaws and making Dartmouth better.

Housed By Resume

(04/12/99 9:00am)

We do not know where we will be living next year. As '02s with somewhat less than stellar random housing numbers, we prefer not to think about how many hours we'll be spending walking back and forth to the river. But please note: we have accepted this fate with dignity and grace. We did not choose to apply for our only opportunity at dorm luxury: the East Wheelock cluster. We are repulsed by the new application procedure to this cluster. No, we wrote no essays, made no lists of extracurricular activities. We're committed to having a random computer assign us housing, not an administrator who gets to decide whether a ski team member or a Big Brother-Big Sister volunteer will better contribute to the East Wheelock community.

Our Assembly

(04/12/99 9:00am)

I don't claim to have all the answers. But I do have a vision. Before I decided to run, I started to think about why I came to Dartmouth. More than the professors, the classes, or the scenic campus, I came to Dartmouth because of the people -- because of you. The reality has been that the people at Dartmouth have been even more amazing than I expected. We are so diverse, so talented, and have had such incredible life experiences. Too often we forget this. But think for a second about some of the remarkable people you have met. Think about your own accomplishments. When we leave this school, I hope that we have had as many opportunities as possible to have shared these experiences with each other.