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Column in a Vat

(10/20/99 9:00am)

Since it seems like everyone on Earth, and even other planets, in fact the whole entire universe when it comes right down to it, is extremely concerned with the upcoming Trustees' Social Initiative, I figure it is only my duty to use this valuable space in our campus newspaper to talk about "The Matrix".

The Personal Touch

(10/20/99 9:00am)

A paradox of the present day is that technology is drawing us closer and closer together while we seem to be growing further and further apart. Faxes, long-distance phone communication, digital cell phones, e-mail, AOL Instant Messenger, and much more are the products of the Information Age. And though much good has come from the facile manner in which we are able to communicate with each other, in another sense much bad has also resulted. In the place of communication between hearts and souls has come a superficial communication. We are tired out by all the information technology, awash in a sea of options which prevent us from even attempting to put our selves into our communication.

Fries With That?

(10/19/99 9:00am)

Yes, I traveled to an Ivy-League school fifteen hundred and seventy-one point three miles away from home to ask that all-important question. I began my esteemed DDS career on a Friday night, from ten to two. Being the complete capitalist that I am, I chose this shift because you earn an extra dollar an hour. Of course, no one mentioned that you also completely sanitize and vacuum/mop all of Food Court. I arrived for work in my little green shirt and borrowed baseball cap that made me feel like an eight-year-old boy. The night began with sandwich and "wrap" making -- I think I broke more "wraps" than I successfully wrapped, and I definitely gave at least five people jalapeno "wraps" instead of white ones. Oops.

What I Found

(10/19/99 9:00am)

I am not usually a man of action. I tend to stay away from heated debates and let those who feel impassioned about what is being debated be the ones left to quarrel. However, as more and more articles in The D are written about social life on campus, as more and more blitzes circulate, as the CSLI meets more often, and as there seems to be an increasing sense of urgency around this campus, I feel it necessary for me to voice my opinion on social life at this school, and more specifically, my opinion about Greek life on campus.

'Transience' maps changes in modern-day China

(10/18/99 9:00am)

Artistic freedom may be a new phenomenon in China, but for contemporary Chinese artists it has opened up a world of possibilities. For the 21 artists whose work appears in the Hood Museum of Art's newest exhibition, titled "Transience: Chinese Experimental Art at the End of the Twentieth Century", the changing social and political climate of the People's Republic of China provides an entirely new forum for artistic exploration.

Soft Taxes for Soft Money

(10/18/99 9:00am)

There has been little publicity about the Fatherhood Act of 1999, a bi-partisan bill that would allow local groups to help non-custodial fathers (and mothers) develop better relationships with their children. With angry partisanship dominating the Congress right now, one might expect such an example of bi-partisan cooperation to get more coverage. The bill was ignored by the media because instead of dealing with billions of dollars, it only deals with millions. But the bill was also ignored by many politicians. That is because unlike many recent bills, the Fatherhood Act will not serve as a bargaining chip for a big soft-money donation.

Image is Everything

(10/18/99 9:00am)

The bare truth of the matter is that this problem we're having on campus is one of image. In the words of the immortal Andre Agassi, "Image is everything." Image has dictated to every single person involved with the Student Life Initiative their actions, reactions, thoughts, and ideals. Dartmouth has an image problem and so do a lot of its students.

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