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Now is the Time

(10/22/99 9:00am)

The status quo is not acceptable. This we know. This is indisputable. Something's going to change. The Greek system is either going to go, or it's going to change in some pretty significant ways. So what's going on around campus? What are we doing to prove that we can change? Honestly, I can't see much, and that's why I'm frustrated.

The Countdown Begins

(10/22/99 9:00am)

Welcome back alums! In this turbulent period of Dartmouth's history, it is certain that you will want to get all you can of this Dartmouth before the change is made to the new Dartmouth. Every year I write a column for this issue, and every year the theme is essentially the same: set a watch, lest the old traditions fail. But because I refuse to be typecast and because I've harped on the Greek subject for far too long, I would like to talk this year about what I want my Homecoming to be like.

Welcome Home

(10/22/99 9:00am)

Homecoming meant a lot to me last year. It was my first "big weekend" at Dartmouth, my first inoculation of the long-standing tradition in which Dartmouth is so famously steeped. And I had a great time. I helped build the bonfire, I ran in the freshman sweep, and I ran around the fire one hundred and two times--the wrong way (with the rest of the freshmen rugby players and to the chagrin of almost everyone else).

Lest the Old Traditions Fail

(10/21/99 9:00am)

As most people know, this weekend is Homecoming. I say most people, because I am not so sure about the freshmen. I don't know if it is just that I am getting old and Alzheimer's is setting in but I really believe we had more school spirit when I was younger. I remember the home side of the alumni stadium split into two sections, one for the freshmen and one for everybody else. When I went to a football game the other weekend I could count the number of '03s on one hand. It was a pathetic show. Granted, when I was a freshmen the football team went 10-0 but that really has nothing to do with it. I'm talking about school spirit.

Really, I Do

(10/21/99 9:00am)

Why do I want to write for the D? It's because I'm an '03 isn't it? Still got that "go get 'em," "take over the world," "participate in activities 'til I drop dead" attitude. At first, I was going to write an article titled, "The Miseducation of an '03" enumerating the experiences and wisdom that I've garnered over the first few weeks of orientation and classes. I had second thoughts because it was too typical of a 'shmen. Is using the word "'shmen" too typical of a 'shmen? Probably.

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