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Who should be the Democratic Nominee? Bradley

(10/27/99 9:00am)

Senator Bradley: Last February, I had the rare opportunity to meet with you in a very small group setting, before most people took your run for the presidency seriously. "What issue stands closest to your heart?" I asked you. Without any media present, you looked me in the eyes for five minutes, spilling out your deepest desires to improve the mediocre race relations this nation has come to accept. I had never heard such passionate rhetoric from any politician.

Who should be the Democratic Nominee? Gore

(10/27/99 9:00am)

On a hot day this summer, I sat in a barn in Etna, listening to Al Gore address a group of Dartmouth students and local residents on why he wanted to be our next president. Sitting there, as a New Jersey resident who was leaning toward supporting Bill Bradley, I was listening intently for any reason to consider instead supporting the Vice President. I heard many, which is why I am now writing this column as the co-coordinator for Dartmouth Gore2000.

Calling All Instruments

(10/27/99 9:00am)

Everyone has probably heard a capella music. Not that a lot of them ever really asked to, when you think about it. Perhaps they were at college at one point in their respective lives. Or maybe they were at a rock concert, and a big bolt of lightning hit the stage, causing the amplifier to explode, causing everyone's instruments to explode, but the concert performers didn't notice and just kept on performing as if nothing had happened.

Matthew Sweet's 'In Reverse' is a real step backwards

(10/26/99 9:00am)

Matthew Sweet has spent the better part of the decade trying to work his way out of a lose-lose situation. 1991's "Girlfriend," his greatest critical and commercial hit, was a sunlit pop platter that quickly became an albatross for the artist himself. Not the most adventurous working musician, Sweet has continued to mine the same Phil Spector wall-of-sound territory album after album with increasingly diminishing returns.

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