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America's Family Doctor

(11/01/99 11:00am)

We are dismayed at recent revelations in last Friday's New York Times and Saturday's Boston Globe about the questionable practices of a member of our Dartmouth community, C. Everett Koop, MD. The New York Times story was the third on how money from corporations and hospitals influences the advice of the man who calls himself "Americas family doctor." The Boston Globe carried a follow-up news story and an Op-Ed by Dr. Jerome P. Kassirer, editor-in-chief emeritus of the New England Journal of Medicine, discussing financial influence on medical information web sites, including Dr. Koop's.

Some Reflections

(10/29/99 9:00am)

I just finished interviewing a future Harvard '04. He doesn't know it yet, but he's going to be accepted in a few months. He's not going to make it early-decision like he's hoping, but he will make it in come March or April, the lucky kid. If only he knew that now, I'm sure he'd treat these next few months a little differently.

Democratic Forum Revisited

(10/29/99 9:00am)

The vice president redefined the word contrived at the town meetings in Moore Hall on Wednesday night. Who is Al Gore trying to fool? Clearly, he thinks he is relaxed and reaching the people with his new style, his new wardrobe, his new way of interacting with the people. You can see him jumping around when talking to and greeting voters like some awkwardly hyper child.

Who should be the Republican nominee? Forbes

(10/28/99 9:00am)

The Republican Party has lost sight of its ideals. The stances that led to a landslide victory in '94 -- lower taxes, the decreased presence of that bungling bureaucracy we call a government, and every other belief that has defined American Conservatism -- have taken a back seat to the dirty side of politics in the shallow attempt to simply win. Now, in the party's nearsightedness, Republicans have become obsessed with defeating the Democrats to the point of embracing moderatism and the nothing it has to offer. Isn't it time we stand up to useless Washington politics? Isn't it time we say no to spineless Republicanism and give a cheer for the conservatism that propelled our nation into greatness in the first place? Steve Forbes is our answer, and electing him will bring our country the greatest prosperity it has ever seen.