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Women's icers dump BC, 9-2

(11/24/99 11:00am)

In their final game before the Thanksgiving break, the Dartmouth women's ice hockey team played host to the ECAC cellar-dwelling Boston College Eagles. The Big Green went into the game trying to improve their record to 5-2; while the 0-6 Eagles were trying to find something to be thankful for. Unfortunately for Boston College, last night's game at Thompson Arena was nothing short of a cornucopia of goals for the Big Green, who trounced the Eagles 9-2.

Third Pixel, Corner Pocket

(11/24/99 11:00am)

When I was back in the fifth grade my father tried to take up some of my interests so that we could be more "in tune." Unfortunately, we ended up about as in tune as a piano. (One that has been beaten severely with another, larger piano before being played by noted musician Evander Holyfield.) There was one thing, however, that my father actually took a liking to: cheese. But since I am not wholly prepared to write a column about that, not this close to Thanksgiving by God, instead I will talk about how he and I used to play video games.


(11/24/99 11:00am)

All members of the Dartmouth Community are bound by a code of honor, which demands that we each hold ourselves as well as each other accountable for our actions. When one's "friend" sexually assaults someone, says something hateful or organizes a celebration of bigotry, there is an obligation, based on both the Dartmouth Honor Principle and natural human law, for one to confront those individuals, sanction the parties responsible and inform the community so that we can all learn and grow from this experience.

Pragmatic Improvements

(11/24/99 11:00am)

This coming January, the Steering Committee will make a recommendation to the Trustees on the future of Dartmouth social life. Few are certain as to what that recommendation will entail, but everyone hopes that above all the recommendations are something that makes Dartmouth a better place for students in a way that students themselves enjoy.


(11/23/99 11:00am)

Dear Kronos, I hear you're the god of time. At least, I'm pretty sure you're the god of time; I don't have time to look it up for sure. I hope you will hear me out: I have a few issues and requests concerning time in general. I know you're a pagan deity and you probably don't like getting invoked by a Protestant. Well, just try to bear with me.