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Power and Whim: Twins of Tyranny

(11/05/98 11:00am)

I recently sent out a blitz (providing information on the Microsoft anti-trust issue) to most of the freshman class. Unfortunately, I did not know about the "suppress recipient list" option, nor did I know it would be needed. As a result, nearly every freshman received a mailing list of the entire class. A few freshmen decided it would be fun to "respond to all recipients" and start a blitzwar -- and then blame it on me, as if I had orchestrated the whole thing! Then more innocent students, receiving mounds of unsolicited e-mail, responded to everyone with the typical "take me off the list" message, further adding to the chaos.

Show Us the Money

(11/05/98 11:00am)

Money makes the world go around -- it wouldn't be a cliche if there weren't at least a tiny shread of truth in it. Many Dartmouth students look at money as one of those things you just don't discuss in public, let alone wave around or give out. But it's very easy to have such a nonchalant attitude toward money when you've never experienced a serious shortage of it. Most, though not all, Dartmouth students have never experienced financial problems. It is thus easy for them to dismiss the financial problems of others as either nonexistent or blown out of proportion.

Coffey or Mann: Who should be the quarterback Saturday? Freshman Brian Mann may be Dartmouth's future, but senior Mike Coffey deserves to continue as starter

(11/04/98 11:00am)

Following Saturday's 20-7 loss to Harvard, the question hung out there like a huge grenade, waiting to explode on Head Coach John Lyons and the rest of the Big Green football team. "Who will be the starting quarterback against Columbia next week?"

Money Talks

(11/04/98 11:00am)

So I was thinking ... about the issue of funding for student organizations. Before I continue, I must give credit to the Student Assembly for bringing this issue to the forefront of campus discussion. If you didn't walk by Parkhurst last Thursday, you might have missed the checks that Assembly members put on the building: one for $5,000 from the Assembly to the Undergraduate Finance Committee (UFC) and one for $20,000 that they hoped President Wright would sign over to Student Activities. I applaud the Assembly's activism and respectfully disagree with its stance.

Live Your Journey

(11/04/98 11:00am)

Surreal is how I describe my return to campus. Removed as a student since 1985, my return this fall as an administrator presents the opportunity to learn how Dartmouth operates and lives within me. As I move around campus, I visit and am visited by old haunts and hang-outs. "I remember that," I say as I pass Bones Gate, and in the next breath, I say to myself inside my head, "There's something about the buildings behind Dartmouth Hall that seems familiar but nothing distinct enough to trigger detail."

Back to the Basics

(11/04/98 11:00am)

I have the routine down pretty well now. I wake up and fall out of bed at two in the afternoon, throw on some sandals, a coat and my hat and brave the outside world just long enough to slip into the Hop. I always buy the same thing, too: cranberry juice and banana bread, more for their ability to combat a hangover than for their taste and more for their convenience than either.