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A Cultural Crisis

(05/04/98 9:00am)

It was with great dismay that I read of another shooting by a young perpetrator, this time in Pennsylvania. But rather than making an argument for more gun control, an argument against the implement of destruction, I would like to attempt to make an argument which cuts to the true root of the problem which has less to do with guns and their use by youth and more to do with a cultural malaise.

Undiscovered Talent

(05/01/98 9:00am)

I've been trying to get a friend of mine to pick up her violin and play some duets with me. She's very reluctant and very concerned that her playing isn't good enough. I think this is a common sentiment among many talented amateur musicians, which makes me think that what Dartmouth needs more of is spaces for modest talent to play a little and get comfortable with a friendly audience.

Mild Traumas

(05/01/98 9:00am)

Last Saturday I had Coca-Cola and jazz for breakfast -- a drastic deviation from my standard Lucky Charms and milk. Nonetheless, this "meal" was appropriate since my friend Abbey and I are now doing a Saturday morning radio show on the AM station. The Coke shot sugar right into my bloodstream while the jazz massaged my generally academically-geared mind. Granted, I was slightly hungry, but I can deal with a few hunger pangs.

A Fixture in Hanover

(05/01/98 9:00am)

These days, whenever you read the front page of any newspaper, you read about some sex scandal, murder or bombing. They'll tell you who died, where they died and how many people died. After a while, it gets a bit depressing reading sad and disheartening news. Most people become callous to tragic news -- sort of like coroners get used to dissecting corpses. So I thought I'd break the trend and write one of those feel-good columns.

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