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Shutout gives baseball largest win total in 10 seasons

(05/06/98 9:00am)

On a day that saw the members of the winningest senior class in Dartmouth history play their final game, the Big Green baseball team also saw a glimpse of the future. In the end, everybody was celebrating as the Big Green finished their season with a 5-0 shutout of twin-state rival Middlebury at Red Rolfe Field yesterday afternoon.

Random Kindness

(05/06/98 9:00am)

A couple of years ago, my dad gave me a book about random acts of kindness. It contained numerous stories about people who, for no apparent reason, did good deeds for other human beings -- whether that involved helping a stranger in need or paying the toll cost for a couple of cars on the highway after they passed through the gate.

It's Not Easy Being Kiewit

(05/05/98 9:00am)

It's not easy being Kiewit ... at least not in the past two weeks. Think about it for a second. Not only do Director Larry Levine and his staff have students beating down their doors about the new policy in public printing (distribution on the half-hour) and the new strict enforcement of the ban against printing multiple copies, but they have, in the past week or so, had to weather the storms of leaving nearly one-fourth of the campus without BlitzMail for extended periods of time and almost losing the student records of the financial aid and admissions offices. All in all, I would say that Computing Services has had better weeks.

'Les Miserables' is a faithful, but faulted, adaptation

(05/04/98 9:00am)

Re-making classics is dicey business. Try adding a new spin to a classic yarn, and you invite the scorn of purists who hate seeing "Romeo & Juliet" and "Great Expectations" get butchered and watered down just so that the MTV crowd is happy. Change nothing at all about the original story, and you risk sending the audience into slumber land for two hours.

Bacon is Good

(05/04/98 9:00am)

So here's my dilemma: as a student at what will soon be one of the world's great research universities, which of man's two purposes do I try to fulfill? Do I reach for the Baconian or the Hobbesian ideal? For those of us less well-versed in philosophy, the Baconian ideal consists of finding ways to incorporate bacon into every part of your diet. I'm talking breakfast, lunch, dinner and DDS.