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Mini-album is a must for Radiohead fans

(05/12/98 9:00am)

Aliens, mind-numbing medication, urban decay -- these are not usually the themes of which great modern rock music is made. Images of isolation may be common in the "alternative" genre, but when married to more artful concepts, the results are usually embarrassingly pretentious since artists are rarely able to match their grand designs with strong enough music and lyrics.

Women take third place at heps

(05/12/98 9:00am)

Rain, wind and puddles weren't enough to hold back the Dartmouth's women's track and field team as they outdid all expectations with a third-place finish at the Heptagonal Championships this past weekend at Brown. The team scored 93 points to place behind Princeton and Brown, who tied for first with 116 points each. The men's team finished fifth out of the field of nine with 43 points overall.

Bye-Bye, Love; Hello, Happiness

(05/12/98 9:00am)

Maybe it was springtime, with all the flowers in bloom filling the air with sweet, soft scents. Or maybe it was each of my girlfriends, one by one, becoming captured by her own springtime romance. Or maybe it was the gang from back home constantly asking that dreaded question: "Have you met any nice boys up at school?" Well, whatever the reason, something caused me to, over the last couple of weeks, forget my feminist roots and think that I needed a man to ensure my happiness. Am I ever glad that I finally came to my senses and realized that no man could ever bring me happiness.

Annoying website offers students resources

(05/11/98 9:00am)

First, a word or two of explanation. I, Sean Alpert, had never heard of -- a new web resource for college students. I personally feel that in the middle of the spring, I have better things to do than surf the web for generic, intentionally hip fountains of information some group of people (who probably have dubious motives for doing so) think is attractive to college students. However, that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it, but I think I did so for the wrong reasons.

Armageddon looms as 'Deep Impact' strikes Earth

(05/11/98 9:00am)

Blockbuster season has officially arrived on the tails of this comet flick which kicks the season off with a sense of flair. The second weekend of May has in recent years become quite a lucrative spot in the summer action bonanza (read "Twister" and "The Fifth Element"). With considerable flair and a great trailer, "Deep Impact" will undoubtedly uphold the tradition and try to make as much money as it can before "Armageddon" and "Godzilla" trample into a theater near you.

An Apology

(05/11/98 9:00am)

Several astute readers of my columns have observed that my opinions often waver between antithetical positions. I have argued in favor of affirmative action, as well as against it. Some of my columns have extolled life based on contemplation, while others have glorified materialistic, unexamined life. This past term, I wrote a piece chastising Clinton's foreign policy from a conventional realist perspective -- a perspective I ridiculed last year when discussing the United Nations' follies.