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Barbary Coast gives its seniors a farewell

(05/15/98 9:00am)

About 21 years ago, The Barbary Coast Jazz Ensemble, under the directorship of Don Glasgo, began its tradition of honoring the graduating seniors in its annual Spring Concert. This Saturday evening at 8 p.m. in Spaulding Auditorium, this tradition will continue as Jason Dominy '97, Alan Grubner '98, Tony Jurado '98, Sarah Snyder '98 and Onche Ugbabe '98 perform as featured soloists.

It's Not Greek to Me

(05/15/98 9:00am)

Fourty or 50 people packed into the small smoky room. Wires from microphones and amplifiers snaked around the bands playing on the makeshift stage. Purple Christmas lights, bulbs large enough to see the filament flaming, shot surreal purple rays from the ceiling pipe above the speakers. An eclectic mix of familiar and unfamiliar people lounged in worn living room chairs or stood against fake wood paneling. Even with guitars screaming and whining through the dim, hazy space, the music held a trance-like calm quality. Watching my friend play the guitar, it was one of those times I wished I were a rock star.

Reflections of Dartmouth

(05/15/98 9:00am)

Green Key Weekend, the last of the three "big" weekends of my freshman year, is upon us. Its arrival, along with that of warm weather and freshly blooming spring flowers, makes me want to reminisce about the past year. I, along with about 1,000 others, began my Dartmouth career almost eight months ago, and (yes, I know this is a cliche, but it's true) I cannot believe how quickly my first year at college has gone. I know that many of my fellow 'shmen share this sentiment as we all long for those carefree days of orientation, when we didn't have 15-page government papers to write and when there was no one with whom the "I'm just a freshman" excuse didn't work.

Learning English

(05/15/98 9:00am)

I got a phone call from a childhood friend I had not heard from in almost nine years. It had been so long that I had forgotten what he sounded like, and it took me a while to figure out who he was. Apparently, he is coming to America as a foreign exchange student to an art institute in Chicago, and he was asking for advice, especially in learning English. Although he had taken English courses since elementary school, he was a bit nervous, so I told him about my experience.