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Jewish songs find a voice with new group

(05/28/98 9:00am)

With little to herald their arrival, a brand new a cappella group has appeared on Dartmouth's campus. Some students may greet this news with a shudder, but fear not. Kol Koreh Bamidbar (the Hebrew translation of Vox Clamantis in Deserto, Dartmouth's motto) is not an addition to the legion of pop-song-singing a cappella groups which flood our campus. Kol Koreh is Dartmouth's first Jewish a cappella group.

Zookeeper and goal-scorer, Solow has the touch: Former high-school All-American from Pennsylvania is first freshman to lead Big Green in scoring since 1991

(05/28/98 9:00am)

Late in the second quarter of the Dartmouth-Princeton men's lacrosse game, a ground ball rolled quickly toward the scorers table. Two mammoth Princeton defenders, well over six feet tall, homed in on the ball with their long sticks extended. The now three-time defending champion Tigers were in the midst of a nine-goal run in the second quarter to quell any Dartmouth hopes of an upset. The gears of the powerful machine known as the Princeton Lacrosse team were grinding at full force.

The Search for a Resource Center

(05/28/98 9:00am)

The article "College allocates campus space" [The Dartmouth, May 22] frustrated me tremendously. This article discussed the Facilities Advisory Committee, described the plight of the Women's Resource Center to move to a larger more central location, talked about Alpha Xi Delta's recent occupation of the Beta Theta Pi house and even managed to mention newly recognized Lambda Upsilon Lambda fraternity's desire to one day attain a permanent space for their organization. This is very admirable and noteworthy.

Farewell, Dartmouth!

(05/28/98 9:00am)

It is incredible that nearly four years have already passed since I first stepped onto this campus as an anxious freshman and that I now write my farewell column. Perhaps, some of you were expecting another stinging piece from me, but I must disappoint you, as the College has espoused in me no bitter feelings. In fact, I will depart this June with a conviction that my decision to attend Dartmouth was, perhaps, the wisest decision I have ever made.

Fresh Starts

(05/27/98 9:00am)

When I walked into my friends' room last Thursday (the last day to register for fall courses), one friend looked up from her desk at me with wild eyes and said, "Please observe the crisis in progress. Every class I want to take is a 12." She was flipping through the ORC and glaring at her computer screen because she couldn't find an alternate for the history class we both want. I glanced at her crisis and suggested, "Why don't you just consider a 9?" She did not find this at all funny and instead typed in an 11 -- which DarTerminal prompty rejected, because one of her first choices was already an 11. I expected her to start cursing and decided that I had chosen a bad time to visit when my friend calmly said, "OK, they have forced me to do it" and registered for a 9.