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Hype can't replace quality in film

(06/02/98 9:00am)

In 1972, Francis Ford Coppola's "The Godfather" became the highest grossing movie to date, making $150 million dollars, a staggering amount at that time. In 1975, Steven Spielberg gave the world its first gigantic summer blockbuster, "Jaws." It made a shocking $260 million dollars in the U.S. alone. Then, in 1977, "Star Wars" blew every record out of the water, grossing $322 million.

Bogosian taps into the diversity of America in new album

(06/02/98 9:00am)

"I want to take it off, take it all off, really show you everything I can be, which isn't much I know... I've never really been a likable person, in fact I'm kind of an unlikable person, maybe you're a likable person, so you feel superior to me because you're easy to get along with -- I really don't care what you think." So begins the soon-to-be released recording of Eric Bogosian's fifth solo show "Pounding Nails in the Floor with My Forehead."

Mary Higgins Clark's latest is formulaic, but brisk

(06/02/98 9:00am)

In her latest novel, Mary Higgins Clark has managed to do it again -- and I mean that quite literally. The plot of "You Belong to Me" is predictable and stale, although admittedly entertaining. Clark once again rolls out her stock formula for creating a "suspenseful" novel, in which beautiful women are pursued by handsome men, with the crazed-yet-controlled maniac lurking in the shadows.

A Dangerous World

(06/02/98 9:00am)

Well, I for one am glad we will all soon be safe from the dangers of the Streeter phantom masturbator. Following the recent decision by Student Assembly (motto: "Deciding everything important in your life, or at least whether the Hop will have two or three blitz computers."), it looks as if all of the residence hall doors will be locked in the near future.

If One Person Doesn't Like Someone...

(06/02/98 9:00am)

Almost three years ago, the 1999 Class Council elected Frode Eilertsen to be its class president. Since then, the '99 Council has reelected Eilertsen as its president, and the entire campus has determined that he should serve as Student Assembly president. Not a shabby record -- for three years, significant portions of the student body have decided that Frode would best serve to represent their concerns to the administration.

The Greatest Hypocrisy

(06/02/98 9:00am)

One of the biggest things I came to realize from my off-terms in Washington, D.C. had nothing really to do with my internships. It had to do with D.C. itself. If you've ever been to the city, you might know that it has a lot of issues. The mayor is a convicted crack addict and the murder rate was (I'm not sure about now) the highest of any city in the nation. Pretty ironic considering it's our nation's capital.