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Life Under the Costumes

(10/01/98 9:00am)

They come in all sizes and shapes, but they are usually furry, large and easily recognized. For reasons unknown, children love them and are attracted to them like sharks to a drop of blood. Children and people practically tackle them on sight as if they were defensive linebackers rushing to sack the quarterback. People usually hug, touch or even throw up them, but they always seem happy. Who are they? Well they are many things -- they are college mascots, cartoon characters at major amusement parks and whoever dons hefty costumes in the name of entertaining people.

And They Wonder Why

(09/30/98 9:00am)

College students like to have fun. As a general rule, each one of us likes to play sports, watch movies, go for walks and dance. Basically, we like to spend time talking, laughing and exploring new ideas, not to mention just relaxing with some friends. Face it, Dartmouth College is a social institution above all. Even in academic life we learn best cooperatively; how many people would rather take a big lecture class in Cook Auditorium than a seminar in Silsby? But, as we all know all too well, this College sorely hurts for places where we can go on a weekend night to dance or talk or relax.

Sixty-One and Then Some

(09/30/98 9:00am)

If there is one thing that has captured the attention and imagination of the American public over the last few months, it would have to be the chase to break Roger Maris' single-season baseball home run record of 61, and who would be the man to perform the feat first: Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa or President Clinton? Unfortunately, the President was right out from the very beginning, because, according to Kenneth Starr, he could only get to third base. That left just Sosa and McGwire to chase the record, although I trust Starr's statistics about as far as I could throw Monica Lewinsky.