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Visuals strong but not much else in sappy Williams film

(10/05/98 9:00am)

New Zealand director Vincent Ward brings us "What Dreams May Come," a metaphysical and New Agey disquisition on life after death and the power of true love. The film is loosely based on Richard Matheson's novel "What Dreams May Come." From the book, screenwriter Ron Bass, author of such cinematic masterpieces as "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" and "When a Man Loves a Woman," manages, together with Ward, to create a convoluted piece of fluff -- a cinematic Bryan Adam's song.

Surprisingly strong 'Antz' is one of the fall's best films

(10/05/98 9:00am)

"Antz," the new animated feature from DreamWorks, opens with an image of a silhouetted skyline. On the soundtrack is Woody Allen's voice, providing his patented neurotic narration. To the unsuspecting, this could be another trip to Allen's Manhattan haunts, but suddenly the light shifts, and the skyline turns out to be blades of grass. That's pretty much the major theme of "Antz" -- changing perspectives.

The Capitalist Revolution is at Hand

(10/05/98 9:00am)

I would like to thank The Dartmouth for allowing me to unveil this opening edition of my "Capitalist Column," a column devoted to presenting the capitalist view of current events, in their editorial section. I have chosen The D as the written forum for my views with the knowledge that I will not be able to write for any other campus publications. I accept these terms, because The D, in return, has made me an offer I cannot refuse: the opportunity to be published on the grounds of merit -- not seniority -- and the opportunity to reach a well-sized readership. In a word, The D has offered me justice.

Let There Be Lights

(10/05/98 9:00am)

In her attempt to find something interesting to do over the holidays besides count the shopping days until Easter, this past winter my friend Liz (Elizabeth Ruth, for short) suggested that we visit the zoo. I assumed she was saddened by the simple fact that she had not seen an animal relieve itself in public in many days, so out of empathy, I agreed to go. Also, she is a girl, which means that she probably could have gotten me to agree to drink a glass of cleaning fluid.

You wanna dance? 'Roxbury' hopes so

(10/02/98 9:00am)

Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan (TV's "Saturday Night Live") star in "A Night at the Roxbury," the newest in an extremely long string of films based on Saturday Night Live sketches. In the movie, Ferrell and Kattan play two brothers, Steve and Doug Butabi, whose dream is to be let into the most prestigious night club in town and one day own their very own hot spot. Or maybe, like the movie tagline says, they just want to score. Unfortunately for the Butabis, two predatory vixens played by Elisa Donovan and Gigi Rice decide to use their wiles to part the brothers from their money. Only to discover there is no money to part them from.

'Smoke' offers new perspective

(10/02/98 9:00am)

Based on Sherman Alexie's novel, "Tonto and the Lone Ranger Fist Fight in Heaven," Chris Eyre's "Smoke Signals" heralds itself as the first feature film written by, directed by, acted by and about Native Americans. The film garnered both the Audience Award and the Filmmaker's Trophy at the 1998 Sundance Film Festival. Although its plot lacks originality -- it is essentially a road trip-adventure movie and a buddy film -- "Smoke Signals" offers a truly unique vista of life on a contemporary American Indian Reservation.

Big Green looking for first win against Leopards

(10/02/98 9:00am)

Three years ago, Lafayette came to Memorial Field to face an inexperienced Dartmouth squad that was winless on the season. With strong defense and just enough second-half offense, the Big Green earned a come- from-behind victory to defeat the Leopards, 14-7. To say that Dartmouth was able to build on that victory is an understatement. The Big Green then proceeded to go 24-1-1 in its next 26 contests,

Creating Good Leaders

(10/02/98 9:00am)

The results of recent polls reflect a remarkable American ability to separate our personal values from our expectations of leadership. According to a Wall Street Journal poll conducted on Sept. 15, 73 percent of Americans disapprove of Clinton's moral and ethical values and believe he is a poor role model for our children. On the other hand, 66 percent of the public approve of Clinton's job as President. It seems impossible to escape the conclusion that most Americans believe that moral and ethical values are irrelevant to civic leadership.

DOC limits Mt. hike to 25 people

(10/02/98 9:00am)

Fewer than one-quarter of all students who attempted to register for this year's hike to Mt. Moosilauke actually succeeded, due to a new, 25-person limit on the number of allowed, registered hikers. According to hike coordinator Anthony Accurso '99, over 100 people tried to register for this year's hike, compared to last year's 78. The actual hikers were selected randomly, by lottery.