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'Taxi Driver' to show tonight

(10/07/98 9:00am)

Martin Scorsese's "Taxi Driver" is a violently epic portrayal of urban life and all its disillusionments. Starring Robert DeNiro as Travis Bickle, a slightly insane cabbie, the movie follows his adventures through New York City, a place Travis describes as a cesspool breeding human filth. It is Travis' fondest desire to take a hose to all of New York and leave it spotless and empty, disposing of the human refuse and mundane variety.

How Do You Hail a Cow?

(10/06/98 9:00am)

At the risk of repeating what's already been said of the cultural wetwilly that is migrating to Hanover, N.H., allow me to add one more perspective -- that of the New Yorker. Being from New York makes the transition to the verdant Upper Valley Region a double whammy with cheese. After all, what is a major metropolis without its delicate blend of cultural sophistication, overcrowdedness, moral depravity (Madonna lives near Central Park) and crime? New England is not known for these things. Indeed, for the average New Yorker who hasn't traveled much beyond the limits of New Jersey, strange new worlds await. (Unless of course you have been to New Jersey, in which case your drive for further discovery is tragically diminished).

Decide for Yourself

(10/06/98 9:00am)

While having dinner with a friend this weekend, I listened as he told me various stories involving a common practice in his fraternity -- getting so drunk that you urinate on yourself, objects such as a bed or couch or other members of the house. In the Dartmouth lexicon, this is known as a form of "hosing." As he told me these stories, I felt compelled to voice my problems with fraternities.